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  1. Cheers mate thanks for checking. Like you say, I can only assume then that the rear caliper is the same for all disk models, with only the carriers being different for either 240/260mm disks. I guess similar to how disk brakes are on push bikes.
  2. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows the part number for the rear brake calipers from either a MB6 or MC2? Lings gives either: 43012-ST3-e50 43013-ST3-E50 but this seems to be the same as other MB's? Is this correct? It could just be im being dim with the lings website.. Thanks in advance, Dan.
  3. Fingers crossed it all works out mate, i know the pain of seized and snapped bolts - The joys of working on 20yr old cars!
  4. Thats a b****r. Any reason why your old spindles cant be swapped onto the new trailing arms?
  5. The spindle for the 4x114 is about 10mm longer iirc.
  6. Looks great mate, like how the gauges almost blend in and dont stick out like a sore thumb
  7. Looks so good! Definitely worth perfecting it now while its out the car. Will be good to see it once its all sorted and back in the car.
  8. They're looking good mate, suit the car in my eyes!
  9. Agree! They're really nice - what are they?
  10. Great work, proper interesting stuff! Looking forward to seeing it complete with paint on it!
  11. dan1

    My new german

    Nice looking car! Enjoy!
  12. Looking good fella, thanks for including the shifter photos too, always helpful for getting ideas/reference!
  13. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Cheers Dave. Defo worth getting replacements - oem parts like that are only going to get harder to find (well that's my excuse when stockpiling, I mean buying parts.. )
  14. Just to make clear - they are Rover 45 arms but should bolt up okay looking at this:
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