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  1. Agree! They're really nice - what are they?
  2. Great work, proper interesting stuff! Looking forward to seeing it complete with paint on it!
  3. Looking good fella, thanks for including the shifter photos too, always helpful for getting ideas/reference!
  4. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Cheers Dave. Defo worth getting replacements - oem parts like that are only going to get harder to find (well that's my excuse when stockpiling, I mean buying parts.. )
  5. Just to make clear - they are Rover 45 arms but should bolt up okay looking at this:
  6. Hi guys, In my search for some rear trailing arms, like buses, I was looking for ages then about 3 different ones came up for sale all at once. I was speaking to this chap: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/bas-mini-spares?ul_noapp=true Who had some arms for sale and I believe that Rover 45 arms should bolt right up and are already 4x100 PCD. If anyone else is looking for some they might be able to help. Note: I don't know the bloke, just he was really helpful to me but I bought some arms elsewhere off a car that was breaking with other bits I want
  7. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Quick pic of how its sitting also.
  8. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Hope you're all doing alright, 2 Months go pretty damn quickly these days! I did end up buying some degreaser but still havnt got round to doing anything yet.. Some progress elsewhere though - got the rear strut bar fitted and cut the carpet so it fits back in. Pretty pleased with how its turned out, also got some pipe lagging so I can put a bike in the car without scratching it up! Now, I was looking through the last MOT and noticed the rear trailing arms bushing were advisories and the rear drums are looking pretty crusty.. man maths suggests what else for
  9. Yeah they're probably all the same anyway! I extended the wires then soldered them to the back of the main door speaker where its wires attach. Bit of a pita when you remove the door card once done so probably would be worth trying to get the loom plug sorted!
  10. Hi guys, Found some tweeters at a decent price, these are what I've fitted to my own car and just soldered the wires. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/mg-zs-rover-45-mirror-trims-with-tweeters-csy100500-/264519914276?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Cheap in comparison as theres someone trying to sell mb6 tweeters on ebay for £75!!!
  11. Hi guys, Found a VTI front lip, £20 collected from Birmingham. Colour - Blue https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Civic-Mb6-Front-Lip-Mc2-Eg/313480595662?hash=item48fce648ce:g:BicAAOSwbMFgalW8
  12. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Dave that looks absolutely dreamy! Improves the bay no end, must've taken you ages to polish and clean everything else too
  13. Sorry to hear about your Dad mate, not nice but hope you're holding up. Welding looks good on the previous page - must've missed that when you first posted it. Ideal on the bushes also! Nice when you can start ticking things off and have no worries!
  14. Looks better than it did when it left the factory! Must be so pleased with it. Well atleast no-one can say they didnt hear you coming if they couldn't see you coming!
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