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  1. dan1

    Side skirts

    No worries mate, fingers crossed it all works out!
  2. dan1

    Side skirts

    Not sure if you're still after some or where you're located but there are some on ebay at the mo - ebay item no 203183633904
  3. No problem at all, hopefully it all goes smoothly! Even if not it should be simple case of swapping wires over
  4. So found my mirrors - they're from a Rover 45 for reference. Photos below of the plug/wiring, if the mirrors on the website are like these they should just plug straight in, but I wouldnt know if they'd work straight away. You'll probably need to get a wiring diagram for both cars to match the wires up. A quick search suggests that the two black wires are for the heated mirror element.
  5. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Slight update - Finally got round to removing the rear wiper and followed the guide from here. If anyone else does this, removing bothside trims on the boot definitely helps and you cant get away with just removing one! Managed to find a nice aluminium bung which uses O-rings as a seal. Think it tidies up the rear nicely but highlights just how rubbish the paintwork is on the car! Other than that I think future mods are going to have to wait - bloody Covid and all the uncertainty it's bringing. Cant really justify spending lots if things are going to get tough with
  6. Car looks amazing - really like it on those wheels! Interesting about the EG washer bottle also!
  7. Hi there, Are your current mirrors heated? I would imagine that its 3 pins for non-heated and 5 pins for heated. The Rover mirrors should work - not sure if they'd be plug and play though, the wires in the plug might need some moving around. I'm sure i've got some Rover mirrors here somewhere.. I'll have a hunt and see what the differences are. Cheers, Dan
  8. Might aswell put my hours trawling through ebay to some good use! 5x 4x100 Fanblades https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/honda-civic-fanblades-4x100-15-EK-VTI-Alloys-fanblade-EK4-EG6/313241112856?hash=item48eea01118:g:JxMAAOSwe~JfdigM No idea who the bloke is but he is currently selling some other really interesting parts!
  9. This is looking amazing, bet that first drive home in it will make it all worth while
  10. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Cheers guys, I can only thank the previous owner for the fogs! When I bought the car it came with a spare bumper and these retro fitted in so im guessing he got them from a scrappy. I've seen a pair on ebay though for £120!! Mental money.
  11. Hi All, Figured I should actually start a post after years of lurking on here - A big belated thanks to all the various threads I've read up on! Think I did post up a 'Hello' thread years ago but it seems to have disappeared. I've had the car for about 5 years now and its a proper joy to drive. Thought it was just because it was my first car and having nothing to compare it to, but after driving/having other cars these Hondas are fun! Only recently started modifying it properly now the insurance isnt shafting me! Mod list: VTIS Front Lip &
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