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  1. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Thank you mate. So happy with how the car is, looking forward to some decent weather to enjoy it in!
  2. It all looks so good! Must be pleased with it! How did you wrap the pillar trims? Spray adhesive then wrap the fabric on it like you would with vinyl wrapping? Really similar to what i want to do! Dont suppose you've got a photo of the interior, looking into the back from the front doors please? I think i've seen one like this on aliexpress - called a billet shifter if i remember correctly.
  3. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Whoops, hope these work haha. Got round to fitting most the parts - also fitted a k-tuned rep short shifter with a stainless weighted knob which makes the car feel so nice to drive - will get a photo soon. Me and my wife have also had a baby so time and money to work on the car are in short supply!! Next steps are to get the interior sorted - really want to fix the headliner, and seeing Kaleverada's thread has me inspired for the pillars! Also really want to strip out the back, tint the windows & fit bucket seats...
  4. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Hi guys, really need to get this thread updated - alot been going on in life and the car! Haha. For now, heres a photo of how the civic sits - its still alive! Hope youre all doing alright. (Sorry photo upside down doesnt want to go right way round!!) Cheers, Dan
  5. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Same venue again this year guys, Mallory Park on 13th August: https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/223403/retro-rides-gathering-august-mallory Id be tempted to try and go this year if nothing crops up
  6. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Cheers mate, im so looking forward to getting it all sorted! Yeah it was such a good event, so many cool vehicles there. Had about 3-4 M's there which was awesome to see. I've got some photos somewhere so when i've got abit of time i'll put a post up in the events section. They do a retrorides gathering event also which looks just as good and is a little more up country.
  7. I used abit of ply and some 'L' brackets. Have to remove the seat runners then bolted the L brackets to the mounting holes (where the torx bolt is in the top photo) Used this seatbase from ikea also: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/oerfjaell-chair-frame-swivel-black-70450909/ Theres probably a better way of doing it tbh, its quite high even with the chair being at the lowest setting!
  8. Hi guys, I guess just abit of a safety announcement? I've currently got a spare seat and noticed the below crack on its drivers seat base! (right next to the mounting bolt hole) Obviously I don't know if the seats were abused previously but thought i'd flag it up incase it was age/fatigue related: Note: It didnt affect my plans for this though : (apparently its not allowed in the house and must stay in the garage haha)
  9. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Hi guys, Time flies eh! Cant believe its been a year since i've updated this. Essentially the cars been great and I've just been enjoying it! Been slowly collecting parts for various upgrades and will be fitting these at some point soon: - Carbon Tegiwa Power Chamber/Whale intake (Just need to get a new filter for it) - Rota Grid rep alloys (Waiting for my tires to wear down, seems stupid wasting money swapping tyres over!) - D16W4 engine (so excited for this, just need to finish breaking the donor then will be giving it all new belts/new oil pan etc) - New Alloy radiator & silicone hoses - New Torque mounts - Reverse camera - New amp & speakers Im also planning on trying to learn how to 3d scan - a family members recently got a 3d printer and my tweeters are slightly too large for the hole in my door sails... can you see where this is going? Essentially i want to 3d scan, then modify and print off some door sails with larger holes. Thats the plan but i have a funny feeling i'll waste a load of hours trying this only for it to look utter sht! Lots to come so will be updating the thread in due course, hopefully not in a years time..! In the meantime heres a pic of the car at the Retro Rides Weekender at Goodwood back in May: Cheers, Dan
  10. Probably just a matter of brute force but id be worried about the plastic snapping or similar! Could always use some penetrating fluid like you would with bolts to try get rid of some of the crap but it could discolour the plastic so im not sure?
  11. I cant take any credit, it was this guy that found them, got some close up images of the lights aswell:
  12. I would imagine heat would help but i dont know of any tricks or anyone whose done it before. If its beyond saving you can still get replacement lamps on ebay, but theyre not bosch and ship from the US: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392038428811?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=1ouKfcuWQBO&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=d-k9ZEaNTZm&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Theres someone on here who has ordered a pair but i cant remember who it was - had a aerodeck though
  13. Hi Rui, Once the rubber cover is removed the textured part twists off anticlockwise. Ive attached a photo to show. Can be really stiff if they havent been removed in a while. Cheers, Dan
  14. I'm planning on doing this myself (from D14Z4 to D16W4). As far as i can tell and from what i've researched, as both cars are OBD2a, the D16 ECU should just plug straight in. If the OBD differs then it gets complicated with immobilisers etc. The engine harness I have from the D16 should plug in at the strut towers like you say, but as the D14 doesnt have VTEC and the D16 does, I'll need to run 2 wires from the strut tower plugs to the ECU for the VTEC solenoid and knock sensor. If you're going to reuse your D14 engine harness then i believe you'll need to do as here: https://www.clubcivic.com/forum/threads/how-to-wire-vtec.166626/ When I get round to sorting mine out (don't hold your breath anytime soon however, this projects very slow moving!!) i'll post a step-by-step up.
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