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  1. All good thanks Mate, ive only got it mild so the worst bit is the boredom of being stuck at home haha!
  2. Nice one, fingers crossed it was that. mine was lifting near the little locating pin the gutter rubber trim attaches to. Mine was obvious as the paint had cracked. Id go and take a photo for you but currently isolating due to covid!!
  3. Dave I had a similar problem and it was the seam sealer under the gutter trim that had cracked and was letting water in. I picked it out with a screwdriver where i could see gaps and filled it in with some PU sealant and its been good ever since.
  4. Nice! Those big fogs still in oem wrapping - cant be many of those about in that condition! Interesting about the 25yr rule in the US, wonder if many other of this shape civics find their way over there.
  5. Hi guys, I'm after 1 headlight washer jet please if anyone as one? Bought a bumper with them and one got smashed in transit! Thanks in advance. Dan
  6. Looking good! Loving the lip on the back. The stainless headers look awesome too - did you manage to get them fit with the oem cat?
  7. Looks like its coming along nicely! RE the cheapo coilovers, I'd defo wouldn't risk it with the deck. The extra weight at the back may make them struggle/sit really low!
  8. dan1

    JTCC Accord

    Hi all, Not sure if anyones seen this - Saw it on a Speedhunters story and thought it looked awesome. Apparently this was built back in May so people may have seen it already! Some more photos: https://www.topgear.com/car-news/modified/honda-bringing-wicked-type-r-engined-accord-estate-sema http://www.speedhunters.com/2021/11/a-first-walk-through-sema-2021/#_presentation-536683 Cheers, Dan
  9. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Cheers mate, yeah definitely improved however its been so wet recently ive not wanted to push it! Being the MB2 it hasnt got any abs so could be interesting
  10. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Hi all, Hope you're all doing alright! Long time without an update, Life somewhat gets in the way sometimes haha. In the meantime i've bought a house with a garage which has been ideal for this! So finally got round to fitting the above, general parts list: Disk Rear trailing arms Rear Trailing arm poly bushings Honda Civic MB6 brake master cylinder Honda Civic MB6 brake servo New 40/40 brake prop valve (46210-S5A-912) Wezmoto Braided front and rear brake lines MG ZS 180 Front & Rear brake calipers MG ZS 180 Front & Rear brake discs Tegiwa brake stopper 15mm front wheel spacers (tyre kept rubbing the wheel arch on full lock, not good for the MOT man!!) I was proper impressed with the Wezmoto braided lines from ebay, asked them for Fronts 70cm, Rears 56cm and they were pretty much bang on, even came with 2 brackets on each line! Only issue i had was the welded nut for the bolt that goes between the RTA & LCA thread stripped, so i had to snap it off and am now using a nyloc in place. Very happy with how it all is now, next up will be a short shifter and then get round to fitting the rear ARB. Cheers, Dan
  11. Cheers mate thanks for checking. Like you say, I can only assume then that the rear caliper is the same for all disk models, with only the carriers being different for either 240/260mm disks. I guess similar to how disk brakes are on push bikes.
  12. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows the part number for the rear brake calipers from either a MB6 or MC2? Lings gives either: 43012-ST3-e50 43013-ST3-E50 but this seems to be the same as other MB's? Is this correct? It could just be im being dim with the lings website.. Thanks in advance, Dan.
  13. Fingers crossed it all works out mate, i know the pain of seized and snapped bolts - The joys of working on 20yr old cars!
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