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  1. Hi guys, Spotted these, all from the same seller but collection only from Leicester: Keen price on some, I'd probably be tempted if I lived closer! Bumper: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Civic-MB6-MB-VTI-S-Front-Bumper-Pirates-Black-BARE-BUMPER-B18-B16/184583351337 Passenger Wing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Civic-MB6-VTi-VTiS-N-S-Passenger-Side-Wing-Pirates-Black-B18-B16/184587267402 Front Seats: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Civic-MB6-VTI-VTI-S-Both-Front-Half-Leather-Seats-1-8-Mb6-Eg-Ek-B16-B18/184583338534 Wheels: https://www.ebay.co.uk
  2. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Interesting! I wonder if the twin fog lights potentially being mistaken for brake lights is a hangover from when before high level brakelights were common? I always thought two lights are safer as it's easier to judge the distance of a car! (One reason why so many people pull out on motorbikes at junctions). Just had a look on the lighting regulations and cant have anymore than two so should be good! (https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1989/1796/schedule/11/made)
  3. dan1

    MB Cluster Change

    Engine bay looks cracking mate Will be good to see the whole car once you've finished it all!
  4. dan1

    '99 MB2

    @dr_broonAh yes forgotten yours is being refurbed! got any more news on it at all? @Dave You were right mate, it is a plug for a tow bar. Finally got round to wiring it all up so now I've got nice symmetric fog lights! Always bugged me the car only had one. Surely shouldn't have cost Honda much more to make it with the two from factory in the first place. Excuse the pic of the dirty car!
  5. dan1

    '99 MB2

    @dr_broon Found it, more earthing points in this thread
  6. dan1

    '99 MB2

    @Dave many thanks for that! Hoping to check the plug tonight with a multimeter as it was tipping it down last night! @dr_broon Thanks mate. That's interesting, have you checked your earth straps? I changed mine and cleaned up where they attach to the body and it helped things with the electrics. I replaced the wires in the top two photos in this thread: (there is another thread which shows another earth if you have vtec but i cant find it)
  7. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Cheers Dave, really happy with how its turned out! Oh perfect about the plug if it is, I'll have a check with a voltmeter when I get the chance. I did think potentially it was for a CD changer. If it's for a tow bar itll make wiring in a second fog light easy!
  8. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Finally got round to fitting my coilovers with a 50mm drop all round, more than I'd hoped, but that was as high as i dared go on the adjusters, didnt want it super firm. Will let it settle for a week or so before trying to raise it up if needed. Don't want the car trying to eat the arch liners or anything stupid like that! The car looks a little nose heavy - is this normal? I measured from the floor to the top of the wheel arch to keep the drop the same for the front and rear over stock measurements. Have also made some coilover covers out of the arms/legs of an old wetsuit to
  9. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Yeah never really thought about the optional extras. I've just checked the dealership brochure in the download section and even weirder it says my car should come with colour-coded handles and mirrors but doesnt haha. The MA's are nice, the half coloured bumpers remind me of the old Rover 214's / Toyotas AE86! @AJCivic The previous owner installed the fogs however it shouldn't be hard to fit some. I've got the proper fog light switch in the dash & they can only be turned on when i've got the side lights on, so would assume the switched power is taken somewhere from th
  10. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Yeah same mine has drums and no abs too! Guess the iS just adds ac? Have been keeping an eye out for some rear discs to do a conversion at some point but cant justify it at the moment. Gotta love a base model though, less to go wrong!
  11. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Cheers guys, proper pleased with how its turned out! Definitely improves the front end so much. It's the iS model, got Air con but other than that really basic
  12. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Thanks mate, might have already gone back on that though and ordered some coilovers haha.. things are looking better with work so it was a pre-christmas treat Just waiting for things to arrive before fitting them. In other updates.. - Fitted the K&N Panel Filter but no photos. - Fitted some LED number plate lights for a Ford, got fed up with LED T10 bulbs blowing or flickering in the Honda bulb holders. Had to make a 10mm spacer and some wiring for it to all fit but working well! (bright!) - Sprayed the front grille black & wrapped the boot trim black. Had p
  13. dan1

    Side skirts

    No worries mate, fingers crossed it all works out!
  14. dan1

    Side skirts

    Not sure if you're still after some or where you're located but there are some on ebay at the mo - ebay item no 203183633904
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