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  1. I was wondering if anyone else has had an issue where there wipers aren't working on the down action and on speed 2. Intermediate and speed 1 work fine. Any suggestions?
  2. I think I'll be following and running mine on super. @Dave that is some shocking mpg. Part of me wants to test it in my eco tec but not at the cost of killing my car lol. Especially as I've just got him how I want, well aesthetically anyway. Engine needs some more horses. I also didn't know about the rusting out of fuel tanks and lines. F*** that!! Lol
  3. Hey everyone Just curious to know if we're gonna be OK with this new fuel thats out now. Has anyone tried it yet?
  4. Didn't realise you'd already sent the pics bud. Thank you. Its the other bit of the sill I need. But I think they had them as well. Just need to save the pennies now as trying to buy a house at same time as fixing car not the best idea I've had lol. Can do everything else but welding and I just don't get on. Pigeon sh*t comes to mind lol.
  5. Did anyone end up buying the sills in the end? As I need need some and was wondering if they were the right ones and what the service/delivery was like.
  6. that's what I thought wasn't too sure if the 15's would look smaller in the arches. had 17's on my old m before it sadly past away and they did look quite snug under the arches. best get saving for some rubber then. lol
  7. i could well go for 16's but its the only set that i don't have in the garage lol plus tyres are a tad expensive compared to 15's and 17's
  8. I'm going to be lowering my car soon 40mm drop but i can't decide what size wheels to go for. i have the choice of either 14" 15" or 17" but not sure size what to go for. Any comments are welcome.
  9. I was just wondering if anyone knows or has any info on this engines head and I'm wanting more grunt and just wanna no if the head is any good.
  10. there's one one eBay at the min. 50 plus 10 postage. just type in civic vtis lip.
  11. well by the sounds of it i'm gonna have fun doin it lol
  12. hey i was just wondering how hard it is to get a vtis front lip to fit on an ma8 front bumper?
  13. not sure on facts and figures all I no is the m24a is out of the d16z6 auto and I think the s24a is out of the jdm 1.5 vtec auto. but like you sed be nice to no what there like.
  14. Don't suppose you'd no anywhere that has info on auto boxes?
  15. no its not a direct fit you need to put a cat on the end of the manni and even then i'm not sure it will fit on the standard mid pipe as when i did it i had a performance mid pipe.
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