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  1. hi people, she's ready to get toed away.. I let the kids trash it... All the neighbours came out.. LOL... let them have their fun... I couldn't get them off they were absolutely loving it!.. They Allways keep a lookout for my family...Well... another one bites the dust... Will there ever be a weetec.. part 5? only time will tell..
  2. weetec

    Weetec... DC2

    hi people, engine swop in progress today. but thank God everything transferred over.
  3. weetec

    Weetec... DC2

    update people. pulled the wings plastic sill covers and front bumper off including lights. engine hopefully in Saturday
  4. weetec

    Weetec... DC2

    I ditched the recaros. £400 for seats so red. I don't find them that comfortable. Look bulky. Going to get s2000 leathers. Currently on em1 seats
  5. Iv been experiencing the same sort of pedal travel, but on the second pedal push it is a lot more positive/firm. Invest in a brake stopper. This makes a difference/positive feel on every strike of the pedal..Then fit a pipe n to the bleed nipple and raise it to the highest point ie above the master cylinder around the top of the rear door height and then bleed.... It's a little awkward but it's a 2 person operation. Then bleed... That way as physics says air rises to the highest point! Catch the fluid or create some kind of collector/lucozade bottle for the used fluid to avoid spillage on the paint work.... The traditional method relies on bleeding at the caliper nipple and by pedal stokes however this is not the highest point for air to naturally rise and leaves the possibility of air still trapped in/behind the caliper piston....
  6. weetec

    Weetec... DC2

    Cheers people. It's got piles of history and was last sold in 2013 for £3100.. That in today's money in that bodyshell would be like more like £4.5... It's been under sealed, tein springs, 16"sprint alloys. Should be done for end of this month.... Sold the recaro seats... I'm. Not really a fan of them...Looking out for some s2k seats black.... There certainly ain't comfort in this dc2. Very loud in the cabin. Just gotta do the swop now
  7. weetec

    Weetec... DC2

    It's spot on! Just can't understand how someone would break it...i love the shape on these Allways wanted one. A lot of people doing Eg conversions and I thought literally why not make a poor man's teg! Lol...
  8. Hi people! Got this as a rolling shell. Everything bar the engine and box. The car featured on top gear . Plan to swop the necessary bits from the aerodeck. Possibly Turbo it I future.
  9. Well people.... I'm laying her to rest soon.. She's being broken as I finally found a integra. And it's not any integra... It's the one pictured. LOL be using the engine and box. Would like to Turbo it in future but as a base build get it up and running in the teg.. This car has been on top gear!
  10. ... A little update.. Added a teg 98 spec manifold. Really makes the acceleration fun!
  11. Got my teggy airbox in, a cheapo strut brace,,
  12. Rear seats out! Permanently! There's 30kg gone. Justify not having to buy a lighter flywheel ... Roof lining out as it was all manky... Turning in to my own personal Van.
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