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  1. IMMMMMM BAAAAAACCCCKKKKK I was going to sell it all due to money getting very tight BUT it's now complete and currently having the gauges all fitted, fuel pump and injectors and will be getting mapped tomorrow maybe Thursday.... Here's the outcome from the custom guy
  2. Hahahaha oh dear, I can imagine if mine were any worse it would no doubt do my nut in! These ones are only 60A so are the "road" ones you can get
  3. Yeah I can imagine people not liking the mounts too much to be honest as they do vibrate everything across the revs even at idle but not bad enough for me to put them stock again, and I wouldn't say they are too much either not an aggressive vibration more like a slightly worn wheel bearing vibration sort of...
  4. 205/50/16 7J ET40 that's what they are so no different to any of yours I've stiffened the dampers so the rears are now set at 28 clicks and fronts are set at 26 clicks it has helped slightly but again cornering at speeds it still scrapes on the rears
  5. Here's how it currently sits with the meister R coilovers on Fitted the clutch and engine mounts today also here's a couple of pictures of the skunk2 radiator, hoses and slimline fan fitted
  6. Hi all It's definitely NOT the muflaps lol I'm sure it's hitting the inner rear lips now unless I've got some absolutely ruined shot to bits bushes and ARB etc then it shouldn't still be doing this especially if everyone runs the same sort of setups without this issue! It's not stupid low at all actually I think it's quite high considering its on coilovers.... It's getting to the point where i want to hit the inner lip flat against the inner arch to see if that helps!
  7. I had issues with the tyres hitting the arches in cornering and over bumps on the standard suspension when I fitted my rotas which are 7J 16" with 50mm side wall So I gave myself a kick up the chuff to stiffen it all up with meisterR coilovers... It looked awesome when I set it as low as it was BUT it was too low and scraped all over the place as in o couldn't even go round a corner without scrubbing the whole time! So I raised it by 25mm all round it sits a little higher than I want it too but thought it would cure this but NO with a single passenger in the car or hard cornering or bump it still scrapes and it's driving me mad! Anyone else run 7J wheels without any issues? It's starting to dishearten me a little to be honest!
  8. A "decent" build!?! Pffffffffftttt only using the best lol Got the mounts off Scott @ Htune you need to order the 3 bolt EG mounts for an aerodeck
  9. ANOTHER turbo aerodeck build I thought I was going to be one of the few doing the adventure... Ah well will be interesting to see your build too! Check my post out a few posts down from this yours "grandads getting viagra" lol
  10. They ended up costing me a lot of money, I wanted 16" ones but you can't get 16" ones in the U.K. In championship white so as soon as I got the wheels I then had to pay a company to strip and paint them that colour straight out the box
  11. Well I got the 60A ones as they are designed for road cars so they shouldn't be too bad with vibrations... I'm hoping
  12. Pahahaha fap fap fap Here's the alloys on the standard ride height at the minute And the innovative 60A engine mounts and meisterR coilovers I'm also pairing all the calipers and carriers in this colour blue, the fronts are done but still need to do the rears
  13. Your telling me lol that sheepey manifold is MINT and incredibley amazingly built its really unreal I'm so happy I bought this, not many people can actually order these in the uk and I'm luckily one of them
  14. I have just made a quick to start on my car build in the projects section
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