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  1. After being away for nearly a year thought I would just pop back on and update it, due to moving into a new family home money has been Tight and also a new arrival expected in the new year I'm going to be selling up. Have the black vti-s which is turbo'd at 270bhp and the silver deck which is still standard, and all bits I brought new and unused. Seems a shame to give up but all have sat there for over 8 months now so just seems right to let someone else enjoy them.
  2. Bit of a slow progress update, ive brought my self yet another civic, so that brings my Mb/mc total up to 3 haha, the blue one is coming off the road next week and getting broken, the Pirate black one is getting made into a track car and the silver one is still the main build. The block will be going off next week to get sleeves fitted, and hopefully should only take 4-6 weeks.
  3. if you wouldnt mind put it on ebay as i wont be up your way for at least 4-5 weeks , thank you
  4. Just a quick update - Silver deck: should be going into the garage this week depending on work and then at weekend get the engine out and split ready for boring and head work blue Mb6 : was planning on breaking this but until the deck is build im going to use this for fun, have booked a couple track days, i purchased a traction bar for the deck and im gonna trial fit it tomorrow onto the blue one and see what its like.
  5. Apologies for going quiet the last few weeks, just been waiting for parts to arrive and working as much as i can. Finally some lovely shiny bits have come, they include : Sheepey Manifold Skunk pro 1 cams Ati pulley head gasket genuine water pump and gates cambelt genuine oil pump head bolts stage 5 clutch titanium Valve, springs, retainers, 1000cc injectors map sensor Traction bar yellow stuff pads all round Next move is to pull the car into the garage and get the engine and box out ready for building it beginning of march.
  6. http://www.japspeed.co.uk/honda-civic-92-00-h-brace.html
  7. The pictures make it look for better than it actually is, close up the car has really poor body work. I will be pulling it apart in the next week or two, I bought it off a young lad who had put loads of modifications on it then couldn't afford to insure it as they wanted £350 per month.
  8. progress is slow at present but hopefully febuary will be the big push i need to get it all done. I went out last week and brought another Mb6, plan is to remove the Engine and box and use them to rebuild if they are in good nick, then can work on the deck while they are away getting machined and built
  9. Just saw a post on face book with someone selling everything similar to yours. Are you breaking ? Thanks
  10. didnt realise it was that reasonably priced, ill have a chat with them when i send my block in. Thanks
  11. I've heard a few people discuss the same, what's the price tag on S300 these days? Thanks
  12. I will be using street racers in Leicester, they have been building Honda turbos for many years. They have recommended me to cpl, a friend of mine also had a big power integra turbo made there years ago.
  13. Ive arranged to get Cpl to Css the block which they have said is perfectly fine for up to and including 500 WHP, im going to build a second block next year and get that one sleeved with bigger pistons. Ive ordered a sheepey Manifold which should be here on thursday, and i have had second thoughts on the Aem, so for now im going to use a socketed P28 ecu and just run a chip till its up and running then debate Management
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