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    Drives an MB2 sport....need B18 power :-(

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  1. kalvtec

    Rear disc shields ?

    Glad to help
  2. kalvtec

    Genuine airbox panel air filter

    Blueprint parts are very good Same as genuine if not better. Use part number ADH22223 on ebay or auto shop i used blueprint oil air and fuel filters on mine. Good parts at affordable prices
  3. kalvtec

    Rear disc shields ?

  4. kalvtec

    Rear disc shields ?

    Hi I did this stuff to my mb2 a year ago. Front and rear brakes overhaul with new disc shields front and rear. All parts were mg zs fitment. I used rimmerbros for disc shields all around. Rear part numbers. SMD000080 SMD000090 just checked still showing in stock around 25 each. Hope this helps
  5. kalvtec

    D16 swap

    Yeh i guess
  6. kalvtec

    D16 swap

    I popped in today for a small chat and they booked me in for tuesday to look at the handbrake issue ive got plus i requested an inspection on any potential rust underneath. They took a deposit off me, first time ive come across that lol not saying its wrong i just didnt expect that. I guess its to deter people from booking in then not turning up is that right? Anyway the chat about the D16 swap confused me even more, rich certainly knows what he's talking about....but where LF honda guy quoted me 1500 for a D16 turbo conversion, dynodaze reckon the same price for a standard D16 in and out swap... Think i need more time to decide on this... Oh and yeh i did tell them they were recomended to me on this forum...
  7. kalvtec

    D16 swap

    Brilliant thanks for that
  8. kalvtec

    D16 swap

    Can anyone tell me where i can go for a simple d16 swap as an upgrade to my gutless 1.4 and how much this simple swap would cost? I know the d16 as standard isnt anything magical either but im not looking for mega bhp at the moment just want to improve the overall drive and bit more grunt... but do have a plan to d16 turbo when ever possible with circumtances. Ive already contacted LF honda and although he replied a few times regarding d16 turbo and my budget, i didnt get the simple answer i want as above first sentence...either he is busy or not interested.. Im in west midlands dont mind travelling a bit and would like a drive in drive out service for a tidy swap with a healthy engine.. Sorry if this is boring but i appreciate any input...
  9. kalvtec

    mg zs steering wheel

    Hi Its the MG ZS 2001-2005 same shape/design as our civics
  10. kalvtec

    Fitted mats, & vtis metal gearknob wanted

    Theres a set of mb civic mats on ebay for £65 been on there quite a long time..
  11. kalvtec

    Fuel consumption down from 30 to 22

    How did this go mate any update?
  12. kalvtec

    MA9 airbox?

    Hi mate Get some mg zs 16" hairpin wheels they look awesome on civics... Not expensive either can be had for 100 or less.. Ive got them on my mb2 had them powdercoated gunmetal... Heres a pic for inspiration.
  13. Anyone with a vti s hatch can show a pic or explain the proper fitting of the rear lip please... Ive fitted mine but just used the 4 screws that go on each end and im going to use black cable ties to go underneath holes cos i dont have the bolts or the plastic clips.... 2 things im not sure about is there some metal brackets that go in between the bumper and the lip where it meets the arches that the screws go through. Are these brackets supposed to be clipped in over the screw holes on the lip or the bumper it self? Also i noticed the top of the lip where it touches the bumper has slight gap so not a tight fit...is there supposed to be some 3m double sided strip to applied across the lip on the inside? I do have some 3m but ive read its supposed to be applied in warm weather or it wont bond... Sorry for long post but rather than put another thread up i might aswell ask here if anyone has any ideas if mg zs sideskirts can be fitted without those plastic clips that are fitted on the inside? Sadly i had mine painted then realized that all plastic clips and holders are non present as when i broke my zs earlier this year i unkowingly pulled the skirts incorrectly causing them to rip off.. Any help appreciated
  14. kalvtec

    Funny MOT advisory

    I watched a DC2 vid on youtube and thought i check up the reg plate on dvla MOT/TAX checker to see if its still on the road......to find this amusing advisory lol. Couldnt believe it at first and wondered if that was even allowed to come up there made me chuckle a bit too haha...