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    Dome/interior light not working

    So my interior light stopped working quite awhile back. I've checked the fuse. Changed it with a spare anyways but still no. It randomly stopped working one day. I've seen things mention about it being because of a new headunit but it happened while I still had the old headunit. Bulbs are also fine. Rear boot works fine from memory. Everything else works fine. What could it be?
  2. Hey guys, will be selling my mb3 soon but taking the following things out and replacing with stock items. Full leather seats - quite dirty atm but will be cleaning them before selling. Rears are in great condition and the fronts have a few scuffs. I've pictured everything possible. Would need the front seats replaced when swapping! Got the stock rears but swapped the fronts with the guy I bought it off. £100 Tegiwa carbon powerchamber/whalep***s with filter. Done probably about 5k miles. A few small scratches from when trying to fit it in the bay. £115 Project A Omega Alloy Wheels 16x7J 4x100 4x108 ET35. 215/45/16 tyres all around. They looked great when fitted on my mb. Unfortunately one of the wheels took a beating when I veered into the payment to avoid a child. Front tyre got a damaged sidewall but wheel was relatively untouched considering, but rear got scratched up massively by the kerb. One wheel got dropped on it's side when off the car. Tyres are toyo proxes and have I believe around 5/6 mm left but will double check. Great tyres, but one needs replacing. These worked beautifully with the shocks and springs and there was only slight rubbing at full lock. Rears would rub if you had a full house of fatties in the rear. Otherwise, perfect! Don't think they rub with stock suspension. £200 Civic mb parcel shelf with InPhase 6x9 triaxial speakers with directional tweeters. These sound amazing! Such an improvement over the stock 4" speakers. Not exactly the tidiest job from underneath but the sound quality you got from these made a massive difference to my journeys. Will be really easy to connect to the headunit by disconnecting the original speakers. Had similar components in the front but have gone into my new car, these won't fit! Also have the box for the speakers. £80 I will also have mg zs 180 shocks to sell as well as Eibach lowering springs. Would be easier to sell together but will sell the shocks with standard springs and lowering springs separately unless the money is right. Currently don't have pictures of them unfortunately. Springs have done probably 7k miles, unsure of shocks! These are easily the best cheap upgrade to suspension for any mb civic. MG shocks are slightly lower than standard mb suspension and offer a stiffer ride. Eibach springs drop another 30mm. This made such a difference to the ride. It went from being a boat to feeling planted. £80 shocks £150 springs £220 together (stock springs included) I bought the mg shocks off someone from here though I can't seem to find the thread! Bought the Eibach springs in Nov '16 I also have civic floor mats that I re-dyed black. All in good condition with driver's side having the most wear. Sorry, no pictures of this! £20 Still also have the Energy suspension complete bushing kit that will fit a civic MB. Brand new, only opened to have a look at everything. Everything still in the box! £130 Probably the only thing I can post at a cost of £10 Currently, it's all in Witney. I live in Watford and will be going over asap to change it all over. Do not have time to post or box anything so collection only. Can organise collection from Witney or Watford or nearby to either. Work around London so may be able to sort something around there. Seats collected in Witney only due to changing over the fronts. My new car won't be able to transport a single seat, upgraded to a 350Z! Send me a message on here or text me: 07456675686
  3. Hey guys, bought this kit: http://www.tegiwaimports.com/select-car/honda/dc2/suspension/energy-suspension-hyper-flex-poly-bush-kit-integra-96-01.html awhile back with the intention of changing all the bushes but never got round to it. Upgraded to a 350z so I'm selling my kit! The dc2 kit is meant to fit civic mb's after having done the research ages ago. Looking for £130 and can post at cost. Send me a message here or text me: 07456675686
  4. m0l0t0v

    Exhaust centre pipe mb3

    Hey guys, Recently bought a japspeed 4-2-1 manifold for my mb3 (https://www.japspeed.co.uk/honda-civic-4-2-1-d-series-tubular-manifold.html) which said was a direct bolt on fitment to original standard/aftermarket cat/decat. Now I know on my civic the cat was in the manifold but I assumed the bore of the cat would be the same as the rest of the exhaust system (standard). It isn't. Bore of japspeed is 2" and I believe standard is 1.5"/1.75" as it's not a proper fit. I can fit it so it's not blowing but the rattling is hella annoying. Is there a 2" bore centre pipe and backbox (would assume the backbox would need to be the same size as centre pipe) that I can buy relatively cheap? I've tried looking but can only find stuff like m2 motorsport. Is an mb6 standard pipe 2" bore? Just asking because there's a couple of cheap ones on ebay. I would at some point change the rest of the exhaust system but want to fix/do other more important things first! (timing belt, handbrakes cables, etc)
  5. One has blown and they're a pain in the arse to get to but I'm also at work till late tonight. Would be nice to order them tonight to fit them tomorrow. Mb3 if that makes any difference
  6. m0l0t0v

    Honda. Definitely has found the ugly stick.

    I quite like it.... Way better then the previous versions. Though the triple exhaust is baffling. But there's a apparently a good reason.
  7. I've got some standard rear seats in pretty good condition. From memory, there's only a small patch that seems to have been "burnt" on the left seat though it's not massively noticeable. No fron'ts unfortunately. Also, you're welcome to have them. They're just taking up space which I need.
  8. m0l0t0v

    VTIS lip kit - Passenger side wing mirror

    Managed to find the set?
  9. Hey guys Looking for one of those final touches for my mb... which most definitely is the VTIS lip kit (don't fancy the VTI lip :P) Also, my passenger side wing mirror has a broken hinge so now and again flaps a bit in strong winds/legalspeedsofficer. I believe there are painted pirates black versions? If so, I'd like a pair. If not, just the passenger side. They're currently just matt black. And I'm pretty sure they're the heated type. It's an MB3 if that makes any difference. I live in Watford. Happy to come and collect if nearby or pay for postage obviously.
  10. m0l0t0v

    Engine stalling

    Interesting.. Mine idles around 500 too with no issues. On my Haynes manual it says the following: "The idle speed should be D14A2, D15z3, d16y2, d16y3 - 550 rpm +- 50" And for other other d series engines (d15 and d16) and all DOHC models it should be 480 +-50
  11. m0l0t0v

    Mb 1.5 Eco questions

    Ah hero. Unfortunately I'm the opposite side of the island! I live just north of London. I don't know how much of a pain in the arse it would be to post it. But if you could, That'd be ace. Obviously I'd pay for the postage and still happy to pay for it
  12. m0l0t0v

    Mb 1.5 Eco questions

    I know this is a bit rude, jumping in on your thread like this... But if you're not gonna use that VTIS lip...
  13. So yesterday I rebuilt my gearbox. It felt fine and then when I started the car, going left/right didn't feel as smooth as it should. Couldn't get into 2nd at all and first was a bit clunky... 3rd, 4th, 5th and reverse felt fine. Really smooth in fact. So I started the process again and I've taking the box out. Took it all apart and started from scratch. Before I put the cover back on I test left/right feel as if it goes into all the gears smoothly. Feels perfect. Can't get it into reverse but never could. Felt the same when I put my old gearbox back together and that was fine. But when I put the cover on and torque all the bolts, I can't get into any gear. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed other than the cover. So why would doing that make it hard to change gear? Don't want to put it back in until I'm 100% certain it's good to go... So what the hell am I doing wrong? I put everything back in order following this guide and a YouTube video... http://www.d-series.org/forums/transmission-alley/14079-diy-tranny-removal-input-shaft-bearing-change.html#/topics/14079?page=1&_k=2zxw6u
  14. m0l0t0v

    Rebuilding gearbox, won't go into gears?

    Ok, never mind. Sorted it. It was to do with the little balls and springs... Removed them all, noticed that one of the balls was actually stuck to the end of the bolt with the spring compressed... Tested the gears without them in (not splitting the case... Again!) And they moved very fluidly. Even reverse. Then used the old bolts, springs and balls from my old gearbox, torqued them up and she still goes though the box beautifully. So it was those balls. Good to know anyways... Getting excited now to drive my old civic again!
  15. m0l0t0v

    Heater core - where to source?

    Also unavailable... Second hand it is. I guess I'll have to find some time in the future! Ah.... the things we do for ours cars...
  16. m0l0t0v

    Heater core - where to source?

    So my heater core is leaking. Only slightly but I can smell antifreeze through the fans. I know you basically have to remove the centre console among other things but can't seem to find where to buy a heater core... I'd rather have a new one rather than getting a second hand one from a scrap car. Surely they can't be too much since a new rad is like £50...
  17. m0l0t0v

    Gearbox is fubar - where to source new one?

    I replaced the clutch August last year... Though I have a feeling the clutch may be fubar from when I was trying to not stop/brake down in the middle of rush hour in Guildford after a road had been closed down... Right smack bang in the middle... Will see when I take it out tomorrow. I also took out the gearbox to replace the input shaft bearing just before new years but was sent the wrong size bearings... Then this happened. And since the bearing is a common failure on these Honda's I'd thought I'd play devil's advocate and replace the bearing on the new gearbox. Glad I did as the one in the new gearbox had failed too! thankfully the rest is in good nick. Smooth gear operation. Now to fit it in tomorrow morning Glad I saved myself several hours for £15 now...
  18. So, after wanting to replace the input shaft bearing for ages and being screwed over by the synchro bearing kit not being the right size and wasting my weekend, my gearbox finally gave up and I'm currently stuck on the side of the road waiting for recovery. So, gearbox is currently stuck in "5th". I say with the "" because when I release the clutch pedal, nothing happens. Car won't attempt to even move forward and revs don't drop. I can't shift out of "5th". Either with the engine on, off and/or with the clutch down or not. Clutch itself seems to be working fine/as normal and doesn't feel any different. If I try and shift out of "5th" without pressing on the clutch I hear the usual gearbox whine noise. So this all leads me to believe that it's more than just a simple bearing overhaul and more to do with the synchros, etc. Surely this now means a new to me gearbox is the way forward. But where do I source one? Last I looked on eBay I could only see some gearboxes for like £300 or more from mainland Europe... :/
  19. m0l0t0v

    Gearbox is fubar - where to source new one?

    Well I managed to get one for £85 with 80k miles on it. Going to replace the main shaft bearing anyways since it seems to be a regular failure and I don't fancy removing the gearbox ever again!
  20. m0l0t0v

    Gearbox is fubar - where to source new one?

    Cheers guys. What price am I looking to pay? Cheapest I've found on ebay is 150 delivered... Am I looking at cheaper prices through breaker yards? And, err... do I need to take the gearbox off myself or do they do that? May be a silly question but never used breakers before...
  21. I'm supposedly at the easy part. I've done everything that needs to be done. in this guide: http://www.d-series.org/forums/transmission-alley/14079-diy-tranny-removal-input-shaft-bearing-change.html I'm on step 30. I've removed the interlocking bolt from outside the gearbox and the shift arm b bolt. However, no amout of wiggling is making the splines come out. I have removed the reverse gear and selector. Any tips/what am I doing wrong?!
  22. m0l0t0v

    Gearbox splines removal - not coming out?

    @Chandler Fair. The kit is meant to replace those two as well as 5 from tghe first picture and then 2 that are on one of the spindles. One of those two has an indent for the circlip to hold the box togetheer.
  23. m0l0t0v

    Gearbox splines removal - not coming out?

    @Chandler Input shaft bearing. I haven't touched the flywheel bearing. I replaced the clutch and flywheel earlier this year as my clutch had gone and wasn't sure what the flywheel was like so rather than risk it (needed the car the next day) I got a replacement one. I'm pretty certain it is. The car was completely standard when I got it as far as I could tell, other than the headunit and possibly the spoiler. And I would've thought so. This is what was recommended to me: https://h-tune.co.uk/synchrotech-transmission-bearings-seals-kit/ But I got them from Tegiwa imports instead as I was buying a couple of other things. What 2 bearings did you replace?
  24. m0l0t0v

    Gearbox splines removal - not coming out?

    @Chandler Ha, lucky b****r! Also, am i right in thinking that the inner diameter of the bearing should relatively match the the size of the spindle that eventually attached to the clutch and flywheel? It's just that the kit I ordered is for a d15 gearbox. There's no mention of different type of d15 gearbox and they do the same for d16, etc. Just standard "civic '89 - '00 Civic SOHC" I ordered and fit a little flywheel for a d15/d16 gearbox and that fit perfectly. In terms of sizing of bearings, the one I need is 26mm inner diameter x 58mm outer diameter x 15mm width whereas the one i was sent was 22mm inner diameter 65 outter diameter x 17mm width. Would a smaller diameter spindle fit the same flywheel? Can the end be thicker?