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  1. marv

    My mb4

    Gonna have to get fuel today so might nip out shortly. Iv not even cleaned it yet lol want to try get that done today and give it a check over.
  2. marv

    My mb4

    Cheers dave! It was just by luck I managed to get the deck. Started checking the for sale and wanted on Facebook at 0130 after the crash. Spotted the deck for £250 so messaged the seller saying if it was avilable I'd be round ASAP to buy it. Turns out the guy was pretty sound and I explained what had happened and my plans for the car. She needs a good polish and is missing some bits of trim around the roof bars, passenger rear tail light has a scuff. But she has potiential and tbh I'm really liking the comfort and quietness of it lol that'll probably soon change tho
  3. marv

    My mb4

    Advisory on the front drop links, a tyre and handbrake. The new calipers etc from the mb4 will be fitted to this. Also have s full front end polybush kit so il fit that to the mb4 arms and get them on the deck. Then iv got the 15x8.5 and 9 banded steels to fit once the konis and on
  4. marv

    My mb4

    Oh and the deck passed its mot so that's £185 in total for a road going car, pretty chuffed with that. And the full leather interior makes for a nice drive.
  5. marv

    My mb4

    Yeah she's fine. We've been down to one car for a while but iv been doing a lot of work to a ford ka we got for free. It's near completion now but I just want the deck for myself lol
  6. marv

    My mb4

    Not updated this in a while. Life has been good with the little mb4. It's taken us round Ireland and down south twice in the past few months and never skipped a beat. The rear brakes started to play up so I fitted new calipers,discs and pads. Unfortunately last night my wife had a bump in the car. Country roads round our way are terrible and she lost control and ended up hitting posts and a fence. Managed to drive the car back (the little trooper it is) but the damage is too much to repair. Have no fear tho! I set out today to find a car, and managed to pick up a 1998 aerodeck es with full black leather interior for £150 it needs a mot but that'll be done tomorrow and then I need to strip the mb4. Il remove all the hubs,suspension, engine etc to keep and fit to the deck. I'd just finished painting up some banded steels I made for the mb4, but looks like they'll now go on the deck. Will probably make a replica of my old blue deck as I really liked that car. No pics of the deck yet but some will follow.
  7. Speak to Jamie Mullen at Mullens coach works down at port seton harbour @Dave. He's really good and works on some high end cars!
  8. Could always weld a wee bash guard on the back box to the pipe. I loved the sound of my apexi, nice deep tone with no rasp. I did have a fairly large centre box. Exhaust system was probably the only decent thing on that deck lol. I do think the angled jap can suits them tho.
  9. I had a angled apexi back box on my deck. Loved the look of it but it did use to scrape on some big bumps. Love where your going with your deck.
  10. marv

    My mb4

    Not done that much with the civic recently as iv bought a wee van. But I have swapped wheels as I kept getting rubbing issues with the buddyclubs. And iv also recieved a mgzs 180 rear arb. Looks like I might have to modify the pipe work on the exhaust I made.
  11. marv

    My mb4

    Finally got rid of the rear chrome used some carbon fibre wrap which came out ok for my first attempt. Going to do the front H badge next. And yes yes I need new number plates lol
  12. Probably the best car meet iv been too tbh. Fantastic weather and great roads made for a superb day out (even if I did scrape a lot lol) Need to get another one organised.
  13. I'm sure @Craig aerodeck had one fitted to his mb civic. Cars looking good man and sounds gid loved the noise this car made when we had the meet a couple years back. Could hear @burbleboy getting ready to overtake when I was like 5 cars behind lol
  14. marv

    My mb4

    Does look a bit wrong lol I think the bracket that bolts to the chassis might give me issues. Will find out when it arrives, might have to take a trip back to my buddies and alter the pipe work to the back box.
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