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  1. Electric Sunroof Glass

    I'm going to be stripping my mb4 with front end damage so ok have a sunroof glass available.
  2. Civic VTI Spares or repair

    £360 and it's yours I'm near Edinburgh though.
  3. Civic VTI Spares or repair

    Damn this is a good price. And I have a rebuilt b18c4 bottom end and head.
  4. Heater fan not working

    Hi guys, my deck had the classic heater fault only working on 3 and 4. Coming back from work this morning it's now just stopped working altogether. Would it just be the resistor that needs replaced? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Rear anti roll bar pref mgzs 180

    Up. someone must have a mgzs arb they want to sell lol
  6. Rear arb with dc2 lcas?

    Hi guys, my aerodeck has some skunk2 lcas from a dc2 integra. They aren't the fork type rear shocks that are usually fitted to mbs etc. Will the mgzs arb or mb6 arb still fit with these lcas? There is a tapped hole on the lcas. cheers
  7. Rear anti roll bar pref mgzs 180

    It's a silver vti deck on 96 spec teg wheels with dc2 suspension. Sits really well. i fitted an mb6 one to my old deck but really want a mgzs one to see if they really areas goods severing says lol
  8. Just got myself an aerodeck and I'm looking for a rear anti roll bar. Would prefer a mgzs 180 if at all possible. cheers martin
  9. Brake problem

    Well I found the cause, burst rear brake pipe between the flexi and rear wheel cylinder on the osr. Will get the pipe and fittings tomorrow and have ago at making up a new one.
  10. Brake problem

    Checked the brake fluid when I arrived at work and it was low, was full last night. Going to bring it in the workshop when I finish and have a look about. Surely if it's lost that much fluid there'll be an obvious leak?
  11. Brake problem

    hi guys, just fitted my ep3 calipers and discs to my ej8 civic. I bled the system using a one man bleeder and the brakes were removed from my previous coupe so I know they were working good. I had a nice firm pedal but when driving the pedal goes down to the floor. I couldn't see any obvious leaks. When driving and pumping the pedal it makes no difference (pedal dosent get harder) for some reason there is no chechk valve in the brake booster pipe, was like this when I bought the car and the calipers that were on before worked. They did however feel weird, pedal would change from firm to soft when breaking, and the idle would go up and down when the brakes un pressed. Could this be one of the problems? Faulty master cylinder? It has a 1" master cylinder and I do have a spare I could fit. Any help would be appreciated.s
  12. Wow! Thanks a lot guys! Really appreciate the votes.
  13. Thanks for the nomination @UnicyclingTom be a good send off to the deck
  14. Swap my dc2 airbox for whales intake

    It's got the standard integra rubber piping to it. Can try measure it later. It has a spoon sports sticker on the box but don't think it ha a spoon filter, might just be a oem one.
  15. As above, anyone interested in a swap? I fancy some more noise