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  1. OMG Ruby looks amazing...........@Dave is well chuffed (and a bit sad too - he cries in his sleep sometimes and calls out her name......RRRRuuuuuuBBBBBByyyyyyy pmsl.) Thanks John for looking after her. Dave would have been a nightmare if she'd been neglected again. X
  2. Happy birthday @Dave. Are you trying to keep that quiet? Well today you are no longer my toy boy Hope you have a really special day with me and Faith. Love Ya XXX
  3. Oh I think I might just be out in front in that race........literally 'just' though. It's good to see @Dave finally happy and able to sleep. It was a real dilema for him but all it needed was a rational woman's mind - XXX
  4. Yeh................I can be tought. Thank You!
  5. so if I click on @Dave on his post that should work?
  6. So if I put @Dave you should get a notification? Yes? No? or is it more complicated than that? XX
  7. I think Dave has the last laugh...........................nice new 'Newsflash' feature. You're all in trouble now. really really pmsl XX