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  1. JayTripleR

    Krzys' 2005 Cosmic Grey Civic EP3 Type R - Bob

    Yeah and rag dolled lol
  2. JayTripleR

    Any one have b series hasport mounts

    Double check the bolts you have fitted already as i made that mistake when i did my steering rack and put a longer bolt in the wrong place
  3. JayTripleR

    Adjusting spark plug gap

    I cant see how reducing the gap would change the emissions or give better performance on track i think all that it would do is increase your emissions if anything as it would change the way it butns the fuel / air mixture and cause spark plug to fail prematurely,probably better investing in better spark plugs
  4. JayTripleR

    Krzys' 2005 Cosmic Grey Civic EP3 Type R - Bob

    I've done two track sessions previously, I haven't been killed yet but some professional knowledge and help won't hurt Eh if you ever go to knockhill don't mention burbleboy or they will drag you off in cuffs
  5. JayTripleR

    MG ZS steering rack, worth it ?

    No need to apologise dude,there were a few people telling me the same thing so I would have done it anyway and the good thing I can take away is I have learned a little bit more about my car which is always good ,and shared it with others
  6. JayTripleR

    MG ZS steering rack, worth it ?

    I didn't go well,the rack looks the same but has slight differences like the gators and the shape of the track rod ends,the power steering pipes are different and the subframe is different so to do job the complete subframe and everything that goes with it needs changed So just going to get my rack refurbished and refit
  7. JayTripleR

    MG ZS steering rack, worth it ?

    Well started removing steering rack this morning have got a complete type r integra subframe with rack and anti roll bar assembly hopefully will do complete change over
  8. JayTripleR

    Rattling sound when driving uphill

    Don't think different spark plugs would be a huge difference unless it's the wrong length of plug in it,I would check the distributor cap and rotor arm and clean or replace them depending on what you find which is a quick and easy check double check your plugs are correct ones
  9. JayTripleR

    MG ZS steering rack, worth it ?

    thanks guys am going with the type r dc2 rack and hope it all goes well
  10. JayTripleR

    Replacement front fogs - Aftermarket

    I know this might be a daft question but I have to ask ,I recently took one of my front fog lights out because it wasn't working ,I noticed I couldn't get into the bulb to replace it,is there a replaceable bulb or is it a new lamp I need
  11. JayTripleR

    stainless exhaust manifold for ruby

    I have a machine mart catalogue in work I will give it a look and see what they have cheers mate Ps the rocker cover came up a treat
  12. JayTripleR

    Need some help!

    If you can get a battery gun (I used a snap on one which worked a treat ) for the 32mm hub nut if not use a long bar and shock it with a hammer or put a tube on the end of your bar,manifold nuts I would use a single hexagon sockets and apply some heat then hammer socket on to rounded nut that should get it off ,and the engine mount bolts am afraid just brute force for them ,good luck
  13. JayTripleR

    Engine almost stalls when idle using airco

    Also check alternator pulley while you have belt off and check it turns freely