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  1. MG ZS steering rack, worth it ?

    No need to apologise dude,there were a few people telling me the same thing so I would have done it anyway and the good thing I can take away is I have learned a little bit more about my car which is always good ,and shared it with others
  2. MG ZS steering rack, worth it ?

    I didn't go well,the rack looks the same but has slight differences like the gators and the shape of the track rod ends,the power steering pipes are different and the subframe is different so to do job the complete subframe and everything that goes with it needs changed So just going to get my rack refurbished and refit
  3. MG ZS steering rack, worth it ?

    Well started removing steering rack this morning have got a complete type r integra subframe with rack and anti roll bar assembly hopefully will do complete change over
  4. MG ZS steering rack, worth it ?

    thanks guys am going with the type r dc2 rack and hope it all goes well
  5. Need some help!

    If you can get a battery gun (I used a snap on one which worked a treat ) for the 32mm hub nut if not use a long bar and shock it with a hammer or put a tube on the end of your bar,manifold nuts I would use a single hexagon sockets and apply some heat then hammer socket on to rounded nut that should get it off ,and the engine mount bolts am afraid just brute force for them ,good luck
  6. MG ZS steering rack, worth it ?

    If I wanted to improve the steering rack say for the track is there any companies out there that do it for my mb6?