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  1. Sorry I’ve been missing in action, just been so busy I knew the FR was going to cost me money to pass the MOT. I can’t complain 210,000 miles but was looking untidy. David kept on at me to get a Jazz. My response “there for old folk” well fast forward a few weeks and hey presto meet my 66 plate 1.3 Jazz EX Navi. I absolutely love it. Can get 3 kids in the back (not mine) and the seat system is brilliant how it folds. No mods yet! Got wind deflectors to go on, waiting on tailored mats and then need to sort the wheels as 1 is badly scuffed. Not sure on whether to have them refurbed or save up for black ones.
  2. This is David btw, i can't log onto my account! Trinity is doing fine, she is gleaming with all the polishing, she's is off the road currently, under a lovely expensive cover due to the fact that money dictates she can't be on the road lol. Ive not been on the site for ages because I am currently pursuing my dream and am at college 2 nights a week and any spare time I'm locked away and any spare money I do get is going to my new venture (hopefully new career)
  3. Just been in touch with Jim's wife Joanne and she asked that i donate the money that was collected to Maggies Cancer centre. Below is the reciept for the donation and once again thanks to you all that donated x Thank you for your donation. enquiries@maggiescentres.org Reply| Today 16:02 You Your donation number is: C0008403 Dear Mrs Moncrieff Thank you for your generous donation of £60.00 towards Maggie's Centres. We couldn't continue to provide our support to those affected by cancer without your help. Many people from all walks of life use Maggie's Centres every year and your support means we can be there to help many more. A diagnosis of cancer is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone has to go through and being able to visit a Maggie's Centre can make a big difference. We help people to find a way to manage and adjust to this life-changing, and for some, life-threatening illness. We sometimes hear from people who tell us "if only I had known about this before". Please help us tell more people that we are here if they need us. Thank you again for your valuable support and we hope you will continue to help us in the future. Yours sincerely The Supporter Care Team N.B. Thank you for agreeing that each and every one of your gifts should be treated as a Gift Aid donation. This declaration covers all donations made for the 4 years prior to this year, and all donations you may make going forward. There are a few important points regarding your Gift Aid donations that you should know: - You must have paid an amount of income tax (and or, capital gains tax) at least equal to the value of the tax we will reclaim on your behalf in any tax year. We will reclaim a sum equal to around one third of the total value of all the gifts you make in any given year. - You may withdraw your permission for us to reclaim the value of the tax paid on your donations at any time. A cancellation only affects donations received from that date. - Please notify us if you change your name or address. - If in the future your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax on your income and capital gains equal to the tax that the charity reclaims, you can cancel your declaration. - If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return. - If you are unsure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid tax relief please contact us or ask your local tax office for leaflet IR65.
  4. I'm ignorant when it comes to the vote. Listening to all these debates on tv just confuse me even more. All full of promises and then when it happens they dont follow through. I'm not voting (whether this is right or wrong)
  5. Thanks @Dave Just thought it would be fitting & i can't really do anything else xxx
  6. Hi All, Followning on from the sad news of losing Jim one of a valued member of the Civic5 team, i thought it might be a nice gesture to have a collection to either send some flowers for the funeral or a donation Anyone that would like to contribute, can paypal me: sepotter@live.co.uk If you do donate, either put your name on here or pm me, so that i can keep a track of you all Thank you all Sarah x
  7. Such a great loss, Jim was one of the nicest and genuine guys that i have ever met. No problems Dave, you know where here for anything thats needed
  8. What a tough decision this is going to be. Going to have to think about it and come back later Some super cars this year, making it very hard to decide who to vote for
  9. As you all know everyone seems to be doing the ice bucket challenge, Davemb2 nominated Civic5 monkey, so here is he's
  10. Sarahfr

    New arrival

    Congratulations to you all
  11. Some scammer on Facebook, selling N1 back box for £40. Got quite a few of them on there. It's an issue that they need to resolve with paypal as we've always said you buy off folk on Facebook with caution Just a bummer that genuine folk get caught out
  12. Had a little accident in my pants today! Finally been let loose in the beast today, OMG so good to drive. Didn't dare put my foot too far to the floor as knowing my luck there would of been unmarked police on the M6
  13. I did ask what the issue, error was with joining but never got a response. I think that was the same guy that Dave had asked the other day & never got a reply to. Can't help if we don't know the issue
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