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  1. Definitely looks like I'm saving for Meister's then , thanks for the shout
  2. I didn't make myself very clear did I haha. I know about coilies adjustable heights. What I need is a set that are adjustable from standard ish height and lower I don't want a set that at their maximum only reach the height of a 30-40 mm drop but will drop down to 110-120 mm
  3. Need some help , I understand my aerodeck currently sits upon the mg zs suspension setup , however I want to replace but not lose the ride height , will a coilover set provide me with at least this ride height (with a firmer setup) or am I going to need to look elsewhere ? I know it sounds silly but im confused.
  4. That's what I am hoping , I don't want too much but I don't want too little either.
  5. I will get pics etc up as soon as possible , not able to get exhaust on to day or the tow bar off , ah well maybe later in the week
  6. I'm removing the tow bar tonight and I am hoping that this back box's dimensions allow it to fit (its slightly smaller than the mugen one)
  7. So it looks like the new exhaust will be going on today , hopefully sounds good.
  8. May have also bought something completely against my original plan. Original plan was a simple 2/2.5 inch exit rear box , then I found this .... Think the exit is 3.5 or something ( I don't read German) Ah well
  9. At the moment this is a test , its very rough , any closer than 6ft and all the faults show out. I'm planning to redo this wing and then do the rear plate recess and the interior centre console or just the dash garnish. Considered the wing mirrors but shmeh. Thanks for the good shout though folks.
  10. Ta very much , this is the closest I can get haha , any closer and the faults show up Was a rough draft with a lot of wind on the front garden , but I'm happy enough
  11. So figured I'd start a thread , the car was sitting on the drive over the weekend staring at me..... So me n the wife got bored and did the wing. This is (I can feel it already) the start of what I feel is going to be a never ending list of stuff to do. **additional** Just got heavily scorned because I didn't acknowledge my wife's wonderful work of the front grille area. (I don't have a pic of it ATM)
  12. Folding table? What? I need this. The auto , ummm I cannot pass judgement on as I drove the new Subaru levorg the other day that only comes in auto and actually loved it. :/
  13. Ah , the crv ain't that bad , I saw one with a turbo k24 lump dropped in the front a little while back (I don't know how much work went into it for a start). Scared me s**tless.
  14. That sucks ! Was the crv a replacement based on practicality? (As if you can find much more space than the aerodeck) Or comfort. A few I have rode in are very comfortable.
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