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  1. I love how everybody on Civic5 is like , and the guys over at RoverTech are like lol
  2. Conversion is complete. Just need some arch flares, spacers, a spoiler, lip kit, new tyres on my Lenzo RS5's and some paint.
  3. Alright so I decided I would video log the entire process as best I could this time around, and so far I have 3 videos up. Check them all out here in this playlist:
  4. I'll be doing satin white, with gold wheels and blue accents (Callipers, interior trim, engine hoses etc.)
  5. Project has sadly come to an end. With a broken gearbox and PAS pump, as well some bad rusting on the rear roof lining, I decided to strip the entire car and start over with a fresh Rover 400. Only this time I have bought an SLDi which is a top of the range model (Minus the leather interior to make it a GSDi), which means electric windows, mirrors, air conditioning etc. etc. It's also the intercooled model, so a standard 105bhp as opposed to the 84bhp from the non-intercooled model. It also means it's electronic injected so I'll have to buy a chip-tuning box to release some ponies.
  6. Thanks. Just need to find myself a set of fog lights, parts for the Honda MB seem to be hard to come by.
  7. Time for paint! So I've got all the interior done besides the door cards. I've fixed as much as the drivers side wing as I possibly could with the little talent I have with body fillter. I've fitted a VTI-S splitter on the front. Unfortunately I was unable to source a rear lip or side skirts but when I re-colour the car I'll try and get them before I paint it. For now, I think it looks pretty good anyway. I still need to fit the lowering springs and exhaust back box so it does look like it's on stilts right now. I went for matte black full dip base (Similar
  8. No Dave, the wings are different at the front due to the headlights being a different shape. Yeah it is quite funny to see the swaps. All of the interior has now been swapped over also. The hardest part was swapped the window regulators over as the Rover doesn't have the wiring for electric windows. The front dash was actually not that hard to do, despite it looking very intimidating. And, being that the donor car had a broken centre console, i had to plasti dip it to match. All that's left to do for the interior now is finish dr
  9. Headlights now wired up and working. I've just driven it off the driveway so we'll see how it goes
  10. It wasn't originally my intention to do this project I had an Impreza I was doing up. Sure I could buy a VTI, or even a VTI-S, but I wanted to do something completely different. Plus, I like my turbo diesel, 250-300 miles per tank, It's pretty quick with the tuning I'm doing, and it's only done 87k
  11. There was some bad rusted on the rear of the roof which has now been fixed. It's not a professional looking job but it works, and it's protected now. Rear ends have been swapped over finally, luckily the tail lights were exactly the same set up. Swapped over the lock mechanism, and the trim is also exactly the same fitting so that worked well also. I have finished the front end. It wasn't an easy task, but considering I decided not to swap over the slam panels, it turned out ok. If I was to ever do this project again (God knows why), I would definitely swap
  12. I need the wiring diagram for headlights from a haynes manual. If anybody can take a picture/scan it for me that would be great.
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