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  1. IkyMB1

    Aerodeck Vti

    Found this aerodeck vti for sale on fb I believe it belonged to a member on here not long ago https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/347220416677128/?ref=facebook_story_share
  2. It looked amazing but the engine not so much. After spending hundreds trying to fix a cutting out issue and getting a different car I sold it. Apparently the new owners imported it to New Zealand and I haven't heard of it since. Really loved that thing
  3. The best cars iv owned have got to be my current civic sr and my old 1986 micra K10. Both really fun to drive. The micra was a real head turner, everywhere I went with it there was always someone asking about it. The worst has to be the suzuki alto, It broke down almost every week and did 0 to 60 in about 3 working days.
  4. Found this civic sr 1.6 for sale on facebook marketplace. Very rare with less than 10 left on the road now. It's got a facelift front end so its probably been in an accident in the past. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/409949866955953/
  5. I saw it not too long ago in complete civic form so the conversion must've been done recently. I'll try and get some better pictures next time I see it.
  6. I came across this roverdeck today and thought I'd share it on here and see what u guys think about it
  7. I've got someone who can make custom brackets to make it work. My question is would the fog actually fit into my surrounds and will i need to mess with the plugs?
  8. Hello Any idea if these rover fogs will fit into my mb1?
  9. So I was removing the front bumper of my mb1 to get to my fogs and noticed there's no safety bar. Is this normal or is it missing?
  10. IkyMB1

    D16 or B18

    I did enjoy the mb3 but I wanted something unique and rare hence the SR haha I was searching for a long time until I came across this. Got a bunch of work to do on the sr so best do it before I search for a mb6. Gotta repair the rust before it turns into something bad and possibly a respray as the bodywork is rough, other than that its clean.
  11. IkyMB1

    D16 or B18

    Yeah iv had an mb3 with the d15 and the difference between the d15 and d16 is amazing, Cant imagine what a b18 feels like lol. I could only dream of my mb1 being as clean as hers haha it's too clean.
  12. IkyMB1

    D16 or B18

    Ah I was told the B series engine is where it's at when it comes to performance and mods. Although the d16 can be a bit of fun and keeps up with most modern cars
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