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  1. civic96

    My MB1

    RIP 1998-2016 Honda civic 1.6iLS gearbox is done cant get it out from 4th gear......... it was a fun car, maybe i will do a gearbox change or swap the engine to my EJ9...hmm have to drive my CE8 ACCORD NOW here's some pics of him: .
  2. civic96

    Weird Vtec noise? MB3

    okey so after doing some research on the internet i found out that it's not my gearbox(THANK GOD) the whiny noise on my car comes from the power steering and to fix it the only thing i have to do is replace the o-ring....
  3. civic96

    Weird Vtec noise? MB3

    have had this same whiny sound on my car(MB1) now for 2 weeks and today it got worse,it sounds like its building up boost XD,and the car dosent feel as powerful as before..
  4. civic96

    My MB1

    This is my first mb/ma honda, before this one i had an mint white ED6 civic which i unfortunately crashed.. it's an MB1 1.6iLS 1998 i've had it a little bit over a month and already love it! the way it drives and corners, just a well built car! if u have any ideas what to do to it to make it even more better looking then comment!
  5. civic96

    How to reset immobilizer?

    THE CAR IS NOW FIXED! it was the battery fuse! the car runs great now! thanks for replying!
  6. civic96

    How to reset immobilizer?

    now i got the immobilizer off,but now the car has no power and still dosent start and i got a new battery but still only electrical thing that works is the hazards...
  7. civic96

    How to reset immobilizer?

    did not work
  8. civic96

    How to reset immobilizer?

    after having my battery disconnected,the immobilizer came on and now i cant start the car.......pls help. its an 98 MB1 1.6iLS ,just bought it =D