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  1. Nothing . The cars chassis has 3 holes. You out the mirror on the outside and thread the screws so it links the car and the mirror. I'll see if I use self-threading screws and it solves
  2. Yes but did you see the photos of the holes? It's weird there's no threads. I try to use the screws I bought for the other mirrors and they just won't fit, they don't go inside the hole. It's very strange
  3. GUYS, I need your help one more time! So, after I got and installed the Left mirror I went on and bought the Right-side one. A different brand since the same brand as the left-side one had the right-side one unavailable. From the photo, I was almost thinking the Right-side one would be a Dark Blue, but it's Black. So far so good. This mirror looks just like the Left-side one. The connector is the same and all. The problem are the 3 holes where you put a screw and fix the mirror to the car. I'll show you photos of the holes in this new mirror.
  4. About the mounting screw sizes, I think the old ones have like 4mm diameter, and I had to get 6mm diameter ones.
  5. Everyone, IT WORKS! Haha awesome moment when I plug the connectors, put the Ignition on the ON position and adjust the mirrors flawlessly! So, to clarify: This is the connector of the old mirrors: This is the connector of the new mirrors: You see that the new one has 2 more black cables. Those are indeed for the heating element, which my car doesn't support and it's confirmed because this is the connector: As you can see, it only has 3 contact pins, so the 2 black cables of the new mirrors simply don't connect, while the others one do and work
  6. Thanks anyway, but I have a Haynes manual for the Civic. Would like to check the Mirrors Wiring Diagram of the Rover 400, though... I'm not going to buy an entire manual just to look at one Diagram :/
  7. Exactly. I have a Haynes manual showing the wiring of my Civic and the Electric Mirrors wiring is as follows: If you understand this diagram, you can see that after the circuit leaves Fuse 13 it separates, one end going to the Mirror Adjustment switch and the other end going to either the Defogger switch (if you have it), or IF YOU HAVE an Aerodeck it goes straight to the mirrors heater, so as soon as you turn the ignition key to the ON position it starts heating them. I don't have a Defogger switch neither my Civic is an Aerodeck, so I don't have heated mirrors.
  8. Thanks a lot! The Rover code mirrors look just like those of yours. The connector is the same as mine so it will fit and if it's like you said and those 2 black wires are for the heater then it may work straight away because my 3 wires are in the same place as your other 3 wires (besides the black ones). I'll give it a shot and order those mirrors. Then I'll show you how it went. Many thanks to you and @Dave :D
  9. Hi there, thanks for the reply. So, now with links, this is the used part: https://www.b-parts.com/pt/store/products/6043484/retrovisor-esquerdo-honda-civic-vi-fastback-ma-mb-20-i-td-mb7-1994-1995-1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001/ It's the same shape as mine, already comes with a little crack and costs 80€ with shipping. The connector is the same as mine with 3 pins. Now, when I go to Autodoc and insert my car's license plate and search for the wing mirrors it gets this one: https://m.auto-doc.pt/blic/7471648 Brand new, says it's compatible and c
  10. Hi there. I'm trying to get a new drivers side (Left-hand drive) wing mirror. At a used parts website I found the same mirror as my damaged one, but at a high price (for a used part). At a new parts website, when I insert my vehicle and look for the mirrors, it only shows me one. That one has a OEN Rover code CRB107160PMP. When I search for parts with that specific OEN on the website it shows me more and cheaper mirrors that the one it shows me by simply using the car model, but the website claims those don't fit the car, although they have the same OEN code.
  11. I created the post on the Engine section , ad no anwer. Here's the link but I'll explain anyway: In my MB3, the pipe between the air filter and the engine has a little hole. The car runs fine had no problems but that thing worries me. Is there any sealant I can use for it? Because I can't find it to buy, all the sites I found that sell it have it out of stock and it seems expensive also.
  12. Hello, friends. Was changing engine oil on my Civic MB3 the other day and noticed the pipe between the air filter and the engine has a little hole. The car is fine to drive and never had problems with it but I don't like that thing over there. It's the tube of number 6. All the sites where they sell this tube have it discontinued so I guess I won't find it to buy, and even If i could it seems expensive. So is there a way to seal that hole? Or should I try to find one at a scrapyard? Thanks.
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