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  1. Haha:P if you're on about the bit just behind the bumper then yeah I was going to go a straight line but realised the boot lock and a load of thick metal is in the middle so had to go around that sort of, didn't want to disturb the boot being able to close lol Yeahh my dad's a really good fabricator/ welder, so many people have left happy with his work either it be body repairs, spray jobs or exhaust work, I'd love to be at the skill level he's at but I'm not that confident with a welder to weld smaller pieces of metal together, but I'll get there one day
  2. Since my last update I've got another job so the majority of my time is working at the moment, but being part time I still manage to get a few days off a week which gives me a bit of time to work on Vietnam Ive had a few things done in the past moth and a half, including a full custom stainless exhaust, wooden steering wheel (from Japan), new wheel bearing, put in a TRS helmet hammock to put random stuff in, rust proofed and painted the new boot floor top and bottom. Exhaust is now the 4-1 mani going into a "3 downpipe to a stainless flexi, then a 24" long silencer continuing 3" back over the axle to a £20 jap can I found in a local scrappy, which surprisingly silenced the exhaust a lot! This was all made by my dad at GPZ Automotive! If any of you are around needing an exhaust making I cannot recommend my dad enough, he puts so much care and attention into making each system perfect and at a very reasonable price! The wooden wheel I imported a few years ago for my Micra and I finally just bought a boss and put it on, was strange at first being so small but I love it New wheel bearing as the old one started clonking Ive noticed that my fuel tank, filler neck and fuel lines are pretty darn rusty! :'( so im thinking when payday comes, I'll put in new copper lines, look into buying a new tank, and making a stainless filler neck, that way I won't have to worry about any of that causing issues
  3. And it's done! All welded in, spot welded onto the strengthener beams, body sealed, sanded, cleaned and painted Really happy with the finished product now just to get cracking with the diffuser! Oh and then on the way home my wheel bearing gave way! Any suggestions for a new 4x114.3 wheel bearing ? Euro car parts said £80 for one but is there anywhere else possibly cheaper I can get one? Cheers
  4. I understand what you mean mate! Cutting the spare wheel out has been one of those plans that I've wanted to avoid doing.. but I just had to take a deep breath and just go to town with the grinder, and if you do it right then it'll all be worth it, I'm going back up tonight to apply the sealer and possibly paint. But definatly worth it if you're wanting lows, a diffuser and exhaust Looking into getting one of those helmet hammocks to put stuff in, and have it where the rear seats were, just for putting stuff in
  5. I feel a 'mind your step!' Sticker might be necassary! undecided on them, sort of already cut into the bumper, probably should of but I have a spare bumper and not like bumpers are hard to find so it's not too bad
  6. Got further to the floor being made up now, trimmed the top piece to fit neater and look more tidy then my dad set about welding, I've asked my dad to kindly help out with the welding, purely for the fact that I am not that experienced with a welder and being thin metal I don't want to mess it up, but one day when I get more practice I will be doing it all myself I'm good with thick metal but not so with thin He is brazing the metal together which is a really neat and fast way of welding, he's used this method plenty of times welding sills and other body panels and it has turned out really nice on the one piece we have done so far Also welded in some strengthening box section that the top piece will be sat on and spot welded alone with being brace welded around the boot And then I shall apply the seam sealer and paint! While dad was busy with he welding i used some of the aluminium to make some small canards for the front bumper, just need to make some brackets for them and spray them blaaaack.
  7. I did have that thought in my head! And may possibly do in the future, because a part of me does miss hearing the pure soul of the b18 engine Ahh mint! Always handy to know Hammer and chisel seemed to work okay for what I needed to get off
  8. So my exhaust has recently been doing my own head in. It's not too bad just tootling along but any sort of hill or push of the accelerator that's when car alarms start going off and houses are falling down. Not ideal So I've decided to go for a full stainless system to the back! But due to being low the back box I have got don't fit between the bumper and ground. So that gives me the perfect opportunity to go ahead with one of my other mad, pointless and OTT plans... cutting out the wheel well and making it a flat floor.. So that is exactly what I done yesterday.. i died a little inside but deep down I knew that the finished product would pay off well and it'll look awesome. i set out cutting around the wheel well, chiselled off the soundproofing and cleaned up the metal around where I'll be welding this morning i picket up a 2x1 sheet of 1mm steel and 2x1 sheet of 0.9mm Aluminium. i traced around the cut out wheel well and added on an inch or so all around so that I had plenty to play with and trim down if needed i then placed it in the boot, measures where I needed to fold to step up the boot, this will also give the new floor extra strength. placed it back in the boot and everything still lined up great i then set to making the second piece that comes up (last picture) same process, made a cardboard template and cut that out the sheet metal too, slotted into position and made markings on where to fold for weldind onto the top piece, this will also give it strength it is coming along really well, it was daunting at first but once you set your mind to it and you don't rush there's not much that can go wrong tomorrow will consist of trimming the top piece to the cleaned area of metal on the car, then weld it all up and apply body sealer, and paint underneath to protect from rust apart from making more room for the big back box I got the other reason for cutting the boot out is so that I can make a big diffuser hence why I bought a sheet of aluminuim but the diffuser may wait for a bit until my exhaust is nearly done, so that I know where to mount everything and just make everything as easy as possibly for myself
  9. Ordered some plastic DTM mirrors, but due to seller not being able to find any plastic ones they upgraded me to carbon ones! Bargain mounted up onto rover 45 baseplates, they were alittle hard to see out of first but I got used to them and I love them also cut out the grill thingy as it's something I wanted to do for a while:)
  10. Took a little trip the the local scrappy today and in all its glory there was an MG ZS intop of another car with the wheels off, it had an anti-roll bar so I had to get it! Thankfully it wasn't too much of an arse to get off, and only cost me a tenner I am going to wait till I am next at the unit then I will get it all clean and bare, paint then fit with new bolts Ooh you do? What is his instagram, I'd be interested to see the build and more pics Yeahh she is my daily driver but the way I think about it is, the less weigh I'm carrying, the less fuel I'll use and the faster it'll be when I go on the track, maybe I'm just going a bit OTT but oh well lol
  11. Not much of an update I'm afraid, aside from installing a short shifter the other day (which I'm still getting used to) I've just been brainstorming and looking at other raced out civics and planning things for Vietnam, eventually I would like to remove the dash to get remove that last bit of interior weight, either remove it, completely, tidy the wiring, remove the rest of the air con stuff, but trying to keep the heaters, heater piping and radio. along with the weight cutting theme I'd like to get some plastic windows all around, as well as the sunroof except the rear as I'm unsure of how I'd go around the curvature yet.. but after watching a video of a 430odd hp supercharged k20 EG I do quite like the completely gutted look, with the cage and how simple it looks. Either way I'll be removing the dash to get the air con stuff out so I'll see how everything looks and how I'd go about keeping stuff. Thank you very much, a lot more to come
  12. Had a bit of a clear out today to make room and just generally get rid of stuff I don't need, filled he car with all interior bits, seats, door cards and other bits, who says a racecar can't be practical ey?! lol For some reason for months and months I had been putting off installing the passenger harnesses.. It took about 5 minutes and 3 bolts lol but that's done now, set them up so they're equal and fit right Had a brainstorm the other night that since my exhaust points up and out the bumper.. That'd make it a little more attractive for people to put stuff in there....or for animals to crawl into, I remembered I had some aluminium mesh spare so I made a cover for the exhaust then using a jubilee clip to hold it on its a nice fit and will do the job! Hopefully make it a bit less noticable by the police lol Ahh I see! Thank you, I'll be on the hunt for one of them! I had the same sort of setup on my old micra k11, soft at the front and stiff at the back, handled like an absolute go cart
  13. So the new camber adjusters arrived! Top notch quality on them, got a nice weight to them and the bushes are stiff! Much better handling and traction from the rear, would really like to get an ARB on the back, any suggestions of ARB's I could get? You dirty girl lol....... The reason behind the knocking! Bush came out and tore, oops! Thank you Gel! It's a very clean shell I enjoy experimenting and trying things with cars, everything is a learning curve I believe
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