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  1. KeirML

    Engine Swap + Turbo: Share, Advise, Suggest

    Great stuff there! Do you know a place that makes it easy to put together a list of parts that I know will fit the car? And are there any specific parts you would recommend? Do you know any clutches that would be great for this without making the car super harsh to drive? Also in terms of ECU, is this what I'd be after? https://www.tegiwaimports.com/hondata-s300-ready-equipped-obd1-p28-vtec-ecu-package.html And last of all, just so I'm more educated, what is the purpose of the blow off valve? (since you said you don't bother with them) I do like the sound so I'll likely get one anyway.
  2. I would like your wisdom, *Thought I'd put this here rather than in SOS, as this is more like a discussion and sharing of experiences* So for context, got my MB2 1.4 around this time last year and straight away I was thinking about modding, but I decided to have patience and restricted myself and kept it all stock excluding the steering wheel and seats. It's been a trooper of a car, but now this is where the fun begins. Originally I wanted to do a K swap but then I matured and realised I was in over my head, so now the plan is to source a D16Y8 SOHC VTEC, and swap that in, then turbo it. I currently have a D14A8 SOHC non-VTEC. So I just want to get input of the good people who know a lot more than me: - I'm assuming since I'm swapping in another SOHC D series engine, it should be pretty straight forward, however I still have questions such as what other components can I keep and what else I would need to replace (such as the ECU). - If anyone is adept with turbo-ing d series I would love to know what kits are good (I know ebay ones have gotten better but you can tell me if any are worth it), or if you put together your own kit then what the shopping list was. Also I would more than welcome suggestions of trusted professionals who can help without ripping me off (I am based in Chatham, Kent) - And if you have a d series turbo build I would love to hear about the power gains, reliability and cost (time and money). D16Y8 is approx 125hp, and with a turbo I would aim to get this to 210 - 230hp, please let me know if this is reasonable or crazy and what would be more realistic to expect from a daily driver turbo build. I'm also aware that (when turbo-ing) that I would need to upgrade the intake and exhaust too and would welcome recommendations. And if you want more topics to dive into, I would appreciate suggestions of good upgrades to my brakes for the power I want to make, and let me know if I would only need to upgrade components such as the pads or if it would be necessary to upgrade the whole thing. Overall I just want to find the most cost effecitve way to make my car more fun and also reliable, can't wait to hear your guys' experiences You are all much appreciated.
  3. KeirML

    K-Swap? (Need advise)

    Hi there lovely people, I have a 98 civic mb2 current with a D14A8, and I'm considering swapping a K24A3 into it. I've got a garage quite local that does specialise in Honda so I'd be able to consult them, but I was just wondering if any of you guys have had experience k-swapping your civics and what the process was like. Have a nice day
  4. KeirML

    Mudguards for mb2

    Hi there, I was looking for OEM style mudguards that would fit an MB2 (such as the ones on the MB6 in the picture attached), so I thought I'd pick the brains of the lovely people here, because who knows more about these civics than you guys right?
  5. KeirML


    What size wheels are they, and where do you get the mudguards?
  6. Thank you for that Dave, very informative! I also have a few more questions if you don't mind: Should I get a K&N replacement air filter or cold air intake, or both? (Would I even need both?) Also I was planning to turbo charge it down the line, not looking for anything crazy, just a small cheap turbo that can bring it up at least 100 horses. Would you have any recommendations as for which turbos go well and where to get them? (I heard eBay turbos are getting better if you know what to look for) I'm going to do more learning with all of your other suggestions in mind, and if I have anymore questions I'll give you a shout Thanks again
  7. Hi there, Got my test next month and I've been eyeing up a 2000 Civic 5 door saloon 1.4iS (I believe it's an MB2 D14A8), as it's cheap to buy and insure and they have a reputation of being reliable. I have a strong fascination for this car and it's potential to be upgraded and overtime I want to make it my own through gradual modification. And I probably don't know an awful lot, so I want to learn and get ideas + suggestions that will also help me to make decisions specific to this car. First mods I plan to do: Wheels and tyres: planning on getting some 17x7.5 with either 215/45 or 225/45. But I want to know what range of tyre sizes will be suitable. Brake Pads, Coilovers, Cool air intake: what's good? What's affordable? What's a mix of both? Body work: any low profile body work that facelifts the car, and where to get them? (Such as the body work on VTi-S models). May also look into getting an LSD, open to suggestions of what to get, new or second hand, and what to look out for. General suggestions also welcome, feel free to educate me, I'm here to learn. Thank you