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  1. Chief

    HKB Boss kit

    Interesting...that looks nothing like what's turned up - at all! There's a lot more bits in there too. Kink - yeah, was definitely an airbag kit - apparently there should be a resistor in there to jam in the end of the yellow wiring but that wasn't in there either. I managed to speak with the company that supplied it all yesterday, and they reckon that its the right box with the wrong part in it, and it arriving open that someone's either accidently or intentionally switched/ swapped out what was inside. Either way, they're onside that its not the right bit that's tur
  2. Chief

    HKB Boss kit

    Bit of a random one that's proper left me baffled this afternoon... Original wheel is a bit grim so decided to go for a new Nardi wheel and HKB boss. Did the reading before and bought the EG/ DC2 (airbag) kit. Gone to fit it all this afternoon and the boss feels like its about 1mm too big for the spline. The teeth aren't engaging and I'm able to turn it without the wheels turning, even with the retaining nut back on the column and things tightened. It is the OH-206 kit (according to the box) but it arrived looking like it's been opened so I'm not sure if it's the corre
  3. Chief


    Yeah, all good thanks. Shoulder is giving me grief but having physio for it...so can't complain too much on that front. I don't think? I was genuinely surprised when they wrote it off, the external damage wasn't that bad but it had shifted the boot floor slightly and I think that's what ultimately killed it. Ombudsman have been in touch this morning though, and things are moving on that front so hopefully something good will come of it yet! And managed to get the wheels on yesterday after a good couple of hours spent trying to unseize the eBay coilovers... gave up in th
  4. Chief


    Annnnd the s**t luck of 2020 continues unabated; genuinely a few days after posting the last update, I went North to see a couple of mates I hadn't seen in ages...and got rear ended on the M1. Depending on how you want to look at it, fortunately I was in the Prelude...however, I'm now in a battle with the insurance company after they wrote it off because of a bent rear bumper, proceeded to undervalue it and are now refusing to budge on their valuation. To make matters worse, I had a random phone call from the chap who bought it as a Cat N asking for the service history folder. I asked him how
  5. Chief


    Haven't had chance to update this as much as I would have liked of late - largely as the missus lost her job the week after I was wanging on about cleaning this thing... Still, managed to get some bits sorted - chief of which was new discs and pads all round, as the rears were past the wear bars after a weekend's heavy driving with my mate in his FK8...The thing actually stops now, and doesn't wail like two foxes going at it when in reverse - which is always a bonus. I say I sorted it, the chaps in the workshop sorted it and I stood there taking photos...
  6. Chief


    Cheers guys - yeah, it was good to do the once...won't be doing to that level again any time again soon. My back is still killing me! Haha, yeah it looked awful all of five minutes later when it was covered in pollen, and was covered in bird s**t the following morning...but for those five minutes it looked glorious! Had a read through your thread, what a car. If this turns out half as good, I'd be happy with that!
  7. Chief


    Thanks mate - pics flatter it a lot!! It's still covered in light scratches and there's paint flaking in places. Going to enquire with our bodyshop at work when we all return...
  8. Chief


    Thanks guys, they've transformed the car from a handling perspective...but they have now also highlighted how poor the coilovers are, as ride comfort has gone through the floor thanks to the stiffer sidewalls. Hadn't had much opportunity to do much to the car beyond change tyres on it until lockdown and then furlough, but since then I've had a lot of spare time on my hands. Mechanically, haven't done anything other than remove the resonator from the airbox. Managed to get the paint looking a bit better; washed twice, clayed, polished, waxed and then sealed:
  9. Chief


    Thanks for the kind words guys, really can't take any credit for the Civic...nor the Prelude, just seem to have dropped lucky with these two! Many thanks Dave, really not sure what to do with the Prelude...part of me wants to keep hold of it, as it's just so effortless but then the other part of me is thinking the last 'weekend car' I had was chronically under used and then sold on needing work. Don't want to really put the Prelude through that! Have just sold my Subaru though, which should free up cash for this and other bits so hopefully the updates will b
  10. Chief


    Thanks! Yeah, very pleased with it so far - even the other half likes it. Which is odd, as she usually rolls her eyes at most things I buy! And they are indeed - sadly can't claim any of those behind the Prelude are mine - I work at Honda UK and that's a small section of the PR heritage fleet. I'm just fortunate enough to get to play with them on occasion...and more importantly have access to the valeting bay!
  11. Hi all, Figured as every query I've typed in to google has brought me to this site that I might as well sign up and try contribute something at least! Picked up a VTi-S Aerodeck about a fortnight ago as a new daily and haven't stopped grinning since. Needs a tiny bit of tidying here and there, but it's all largely cosmetic - one of the former owners loved a carwash by the look of the swirls in the paint, the rear door cards are wilting a touch, minor cig burn in the passenger seat, slight nik in the rear bumper, oh and a child appears to have drawn (in permanent ink) o
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