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  1. Chief


    Thanks for the kind words guys, really can't take any credit for the Civic...nor the Prelude, just seem to have dropped lucky with these two! Many thanks Dave, really not sure what to do with the Prelude...part of me wants to keep hold of it, as it's just so effortless but then the other part of me is thinking the last 'weekend car' I had was chronically under used and then sold on needing work. Don't want to really put the Prelude through that! Have just sold my Subaru though, which should free up cash for this and other bits so hopefully the updates will be more regular from here on in...famous last words. That said, I've finally got round to changing something on this...might as well start with an important bit; Off with these... And on with these... It'll be nice not to spin the fronts in 2nd gear this evening! Just waiting for a weekend without a storm, and I'll start on tidying the outside. Ride height needs seriously playing with as there's a lot of 'reverse rake' on the go at the minute...
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    Thanks! Yeah, very pleased with it so far - even the other half likes it. Which is odd, as she usually rolls her eyes at most things I buy! And they are indeed - sadly can't claim any of those behind the Prelude are mine - I work at Honda UK and that's a small section of the PR heritage fleet. I'm just fortunate enough to get to play with them on occasion...and more importantly have access to the valeting bay!
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    Hi all, Figured as every query I've typed in to google has brought me to this site that I might as well sign up and try contribute something at least! Picked up a VTi-S Aerodeck about a fortnight ago as a new daily and haven't stopped grinning since. Needs a tiny bit of tidying here and there, but it's all largely cosmetic - one of the former owners loved a carwash by the look of the swirls in the paint, the rear door cards are wilting a touch, minor cig burn in the passenger seat, slight nik in the rear bumper, oh and a child appears to have drawn (in permanent ink) on the b-pillar, roof liner and c-pillar but other than those niggles it's all straight enough. Sub 100k (just...), FSH, comprehensive folder of receipts, clean history and to top it off a bit of a bargain price. Think from my rough workings, it's averaging 31mpg - which is about 10mpg better than the last estate I ran, so that's another bonus too! The last owner of this was an MOT tester for Honda, so mechanically it feels tighter than newer cars I've driven as he put a lot of time, parts and love in to it! Haven't got round to doing much other than putting fuel in it and commuting so far, but I have restored the headlights (small, relatively cheap fix at least!) and I have created a healthy excel spreadsheet to work through of both jobs and parts I want for it. Car's largely standard, save for a rather mute aftermarket cat back exhaust and some generic ebay adjustable coil spring kit. Rides, rather surprisingly, exceptionally well on them. Genuinely staggered by how comfy it is...was half expecting to have binned them already, but apart from the concrete sections of the M25 its soaking up most surfaces very well. That said, combined with the Nankang tyres, I haven't dared wind it on at any point save for a straight line, but the sound gets me every time. Mid-90s BTCC soundtrack in an estate, what's not to love? But anyway, some pics: And a quick one of what was originally my daily, but it was another car I dropped lucky on and is far too mint to be using every day - hence the need for another. That, and it's getting increasingly hard to shoe-horn a growing Labradoodle in the back of one of these; Will try update this as I add/ do stuff to the Civic, but I need to move some cars on first before starting to spend more on this...otherwise I think the other half will, perhaps rightly, murder me! Cheers, John