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  1. Today I finally fit the VTi 15s. A bit of confort is def gone, but it does feel more planted and solid.
  2. And because I couldn't not do it, a new set of wheels. EK VTi 15s with Toyo T1Rs, which I am yet to fit.
  3. I also got a nice set of custom mats for her, seeing as the original ones were very worn out:
  4. Seeing as I cannot refrain myself, I had to throw some mods and updates at her. Starting with the worn steering wheel leather. Before:
  5. Hello guys. I recently purchased a car I always liked. The Aerodeck! In my case it was meant to be just a cheap, reliable and versatile car. But as all things, I kinda fell for this old sucker! For the money it's still a very competent car, from doing the motorway miles to doing the IKEA run! Here's some pictures of it so far
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