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  1. Oh wow!!! Nice that you are doing the restoration process on the M-civic. I hope it comes out just as good as it did from the factory.
  2. Yeah. I hate having to wait to bring the car here to the States, but when I do I'll have a lot more resources to work on the car.
  3. Great looking car. Glad you got the little problems all sorted out.
  4. Yes Sir!! Got a little lucky with this one. Nothing is better than that Honda red labels and BNIB or BNIP (brand new in plastic) parts.
  5. Interesting. I know my car is a 98 based off the VIN code, but I'd still like to know if it was built in late 97 or in 98 in general. I'll just have to look for this when I get back to the car in Spring.
  6. I'm more along the line of looking for this example. This is from my brother-in-laws coupe
  7. This is the last shot I took before I had to go to the airport that morning. Luckily we found a heated garage for the car while I'm gone. So no worrying about rodents. weasels, moisture, or rust while I'm gone. At this point it's just going to sit and get the TUV (similar to your MOT) done while I'm here in the states. I'm just going to keep saving money for the importation taxes and fees, and small repairs I want to work on when I get back next year.
  8. Decided to clean up the rear lip and add some paint to it. Figured I might as well throw it on while I was still in country. The Mid-Wing and Rear VTi-S lip really set it. Too bad I didn't throw on either of my front lips before I left.
  9. Oh, BTW. Here's a few pics of the hole on the passenger side of the Aerodeck floor board. They wanted to charge the guy like €2100 fix all the serious rust cancer. He decided it wasn't worth it and parted out the car. Here is one of my more favorite pieces. Aerdoeck Mid-Wing BNIB. I couldn't resist the urge to install it.
  10. Soooo funny story. That VT-i that was all rusted out was bought by a German guy that ended up buying parts from. What are the odds of that? I ended up linking up with him before I left to get some extra OEM parts and when I get back over there in Spring, I’m getting the rest of the interior from him. Will be doing the full power window conversion, dash, and interior swap.
  11. Yeah, it's a timely process to hunt down the parts. but when you find them you get super happy. I like the rare bits here and there, but I'm also looking for OEM parts like the trims, seals, and moldings. You won't get those here in America, so I need to get extra's of that.
  12. Thanks. I got lucky finding the parts online, and the sellers were happy someone finally bought the parts without and crazy hassles to the price. Alot of my friends say it looks like a rejected Accord Wagon, but I don't think it does.
  13. Not really an SOS, but I am curious. Where can I find the Build Stamp, Factory Stamp, or Production Date Stamp on the Aerodeck chassis? I know that on my 2 98 Civics (Sedan and Hatchback) I can find them on the left and right side shock towers, but I didn't see them on the same spots for the Aerodeck. Any help or pictures of the location would be appreciated.
  14. So even before I got the car I was primarily hunting down parts for it. Those familiar with the chassis know that MB/MC parts are harder to find than most EK chassis parts. But with a little luck and help from my German connections, I was able to start sourcing parts. Some of the more rare stuff came from the VTi-S version of the Aerodeck. Basically it’s stacking time VTi-S front and rear lips Aerodeck Big Fog lights Aerodeck regular fogs. These are the EDM version made by Carello. The housings are a little rough, thats why I have 2 sets to work with. I may have to end getting some EG Civic or Prelude housings in the future. Picked up some VT-i clusters. One is a UKDM (mph) and the other is the EDM (km/h). I like to have options.
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