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    Honda nut. 1997 MB2 track car, 1995 JDM accord ES coupe with a H22 swap.

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  1. Hi all, Recently discovered that my D14 is a lot healthier than I originally thought. The only concern I have is that there is an excessive amount of white smoke from the exhaust on the overrun from 6K down to 3.5k rpm. To add to this I'm having to bleed my coolant once every couple of weeks due to the idle beginning to fluctuate like air is getting into the IACV. Brand new IACV a few months ago. Was looking at swapping the head over anyway, What's a direct bolt-up fit? And what's the best gasket to use? Engine is not boosted, and won't be but is running 108 crank hp, up from 90.
  2. That could work. I've done a little research and it seems like a d16z6 with a p28 ecu is the best way to go around it
  3. My MB2 at the monthly East coast Japanese meet.
  4. My MB2 at the monthly East coast Japanese meet.
  5. Hi everyone, long time visitor first time poster , I have a 1997 MB2 base model with a d14a8 in. Over the past few month i have been preparing the car as a track car. I have done a reasonable amount of work onto the d14 (Cambelt, aux belts, valve lash, oil change, z6 intake mani, cold air intake, new fuel filter etc) however, recently it has felt very down on power and the car is vibrating a lot. There is no audible knock or rattle from the engine however when doing a routine check i discovered metal filings on the dipstick. Rather than plowing more money into a d14, which other D series would be a straight swap? I know its not as simple as that but I'm looking to do this swap over a weekend with a few a mates. I know the mechanical aspect of doing a swap very well however I am completely clueless with what to do with the wiring. Can anyone give me some ideas?
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