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  1. I tried to change the original PCV valve with a new aftermarket one (cheap). It was hard to remove the old one and it cracked in two pieces. I got it all out eventually while very frustrating. Putting the new one was surprisingly hard too. I did attach it to the hose surprisingly easily but it was hard to press the new valve back into the hole. There's no space so hard to apply any strengh. I'm not sure if it's all the way down. It looks pretty good but i think it could be a little off. The aftermarket valves rubber part was a bit longer than in the old OEM one. Maybe that makes it hard too. Anyway tried to start the car after all the work and i think the idling is a bit off. It could be running lean or rich if i installed it wrong... There is some smell and exhaust gas smells a bit rich too although i always had trouble with emissions/car running too rich. Also the car is using oil so that's also the reason for trying to change pcv valve. I haven't test driven yet but i'm afraid i could've made things worse. Might have to take the car to a car mechanic. Tried to save some money by doing it myself because the valve is in a bad spot in these engines as you may know. Is it harmful to the engine if i installed it badly? Is running rich or lean harmful to engine? When i pressed the gas pedal at idle it didnt sound healthy/strong. Choking sounds and hesitating sound but the pedal feel was normal. Should i try to drive the car or let someone take a look?
  2. I have Mb6 civic. What is the size of that small rubber hose from valve cover to the breather tube? its connected with small clamps from both ends like in the picture (not my car). I had aftermarket air intake from preavious owner and trying to replace it with Integra oem air intake. What size in mm. and is it same size from both ends?
  3. Do you have stock manifold anymore? I don't. I bought the car with aftermarket exhaust system including the manifold (dc sports 4-1) so i've always used aftermarket catalytic converter and the O2 sensor is in the converter. The converter naturally after the manifold under the car because of aftermarket parts. But i always thought the EK civics had the catalytic converter mated with the manifold up-front and MB civics had it more traditionally positioned under the car after manifold? I wonder if it affects emissions when it's all situated in different place... Does any basic cheap aftermarket/universal catalytic converter work for you guys? Any problems at MOT?
  4. What emission "class" does the Mb6 belong to? i have 1997 model. I'm looking to buy a new universal catalytic converter. I need to know which kind is enough to pass the emissions. Some converters are for pre-obd-II etc. I'm not even sure if Mb6 is technically obd-II? Also do you guys in UK use Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4 etc. class for emissions? My MB6 is a 97 so idk if its euro 2 or euro 3? Does any catalytic converter with o2 sensor fitment suffice?
  5. Should i replace the flywheel bolts with new ones? Honda oem bolts or ARP etc. Some say ARP bolts are too long for light flywheel applications? Also what bearing etc. would i need? Release bearing usually comes with new clutch kits i suppose. I'm going for OEM exedy kit (supposedly some 90's Hondas come with exedy from factory). Should i replace the flywheel bearing too? New pressure plate bolts or re-use old ones?
  6. Does anyone have bad experiences with light flywheels on MB6 Civics? Any difference in Dual mass or Single mass? Single mass is preferred overall i suppose but in some cars there is some chatter/noise at idling or decelerating. Any such symptoms with MB6? Any difference if stock clutch is matched with lightweight flywheel? My leg cramps easily with heavy pedal feel so i'm not really looking for stage 1 or stage 2 clutch etc. I've been looking into ACT streetlite flywheel (5.6 kg). Weight seems okay compared to some lighter ones and is single mass. I want to hear about risks and rewards for daily use. Rattling noises worry me. especially idling.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Speed-Air-Intake-System-fur-Honda-Civic-MA8-9-MB1-2-3-4-6-8-9-MC1-2-Aluminium-Sp/133594900313?hash=item1f1ae06759:g:xtQAAOSwwiFfx7rq https://www.ebay.com/itm/Air-Intake-System-fur-Honda-Civic-VTI-MB6-MC2-Sportluftfilter/363143693000?epid=18041789671&hash=item548d0d02c8:g:E5YAAOSwdGpfkZYS I found those from ebay. Do they seem any good or just bad for your engine?
  8. I was looking to do this but haven't yet. Bought parts a year ago. I haven't had the original air intake system on this car since i got it so i'm not fully sure how the connections go. There are two small air pipes coming from the exhaust manifold if im right so which one goes to valve cover hole and which goes to air intake pipe? I'm running a filter in the valve cover since that's how i got the car. So im not too familiar with the original connections.
  9. That would make sense. How about 97-01 Prelude? Someone has done it in poland i guess. Changed the steering column or strait swap?
  10. The three spoke steering wheel from HRV looks pretty good. My current one is wearing out a bit. Would it fit to MB6? SRS airbag compatibility? Number of splices? Safety of different air bag?
  11. Anyone here familiar with gravity exhaust products from ebay? Good quality or cheap chinese rip of? Found 4-1 manifold with good price. Cant find toyosport manifolds for mb6 anymore. Im looking for that Subaru rumbling sound some get with 4-1 manifolds in their mb6. Currently I get mostly droning low sounds. Need some Grunt to it without rice. Which One is better for b18c4 overall. 4-1 or 4-2-1 figuration? Considering the long gearing of s9b as well...
  12. I'm looking to buy new headlights for my MB6. Does it need to have the electric motor adjustment? I can mostly find ones without motor. Bosch and magneti marelli makes ones with electric adjustment but havent seen others. And those can be expensive... Will there be problems with MOT with regular headlights? Would be a lot cheaper to find.
  13. Does chipped/tuned ECU make things better or worse with emissions and flow/back pressure of the exhaust?
  14. I've also had issues with emissions. This time it was broken distributor cap but there has been problems earlier too. Cat has been changed once. If anyone is having oil leak/consumption issues then it could be worth to change VTEC solenoid gaskets, all of them. Especially the big one with the filter gets bad in a long period of time. I've been wondering if aftermarket exhausts and manifolds can affect emissions? Stock ECU may not be able to handle it? Can't cope with the flow change etc.? Increased heat in the engine bay with aftermarket manifolds? Stock ones have heat shields and all that...
  15. Is 90 degree turn okay? too Much? 45 degree too little? I've seen some of those locally. Is 75mm diameter too big or doable?
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