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  1. Did the mechanic shop make a compression test? Every cylinder is firing ok etc. ? Bad fuel injector? PCV valve clogged up?
  2. What is the part number for fuel injector in b18c4 mb6 Civic? Can't find direct fit injectors anywhere exept here https://www.a4h-tech.com/en/beck-arnley-240cc-standard-obd2-injector-b-serie-engines seals are sold separately. Some sites also sell these Acura RDX injectors to be fitted to b-series Hondas etc. https://www.a4h-tech.com/en/oem-honda-rdx-410cc-injectors-with-clips-b-d-h-k-f-serie-engines Any idea how much oem part from local dealer would cost? Does Honda sell injectors separately? I only need one. why are the injectors so hard to find for these Hondas?
  3. By the way have noticed any difference with the behaviour on different weather/temperature? Dampness or dry air? Winter or summer?
  4. I havent checked where it is on MB/MC Civics but on 88 CRX it was on the left hand side near the footwell (bottom left when you open the door). here's a video from MB civic apparently if it helps to locate it. Not sure if it's different on left hand drive civic compared to UK cars.
  5. Does it make any difference if the lambda is connected to manifold pipe or aftermarket cat? Any weird experiences like that for anyone?
  6. So how many lambda/02 sensors does the MB6 Civic originally have? My car had aftermarket exhaust system since i got it, so i have no idea what's the most ideal/original position of lambda/02 sensor. And also does it originally come with 1 or 2 sensors? If 2 then where does the other one go to? I've never had OEM cat so where does to 02 sensor go to? I know that there is supposed to be at least 1 sensore before the cat or at the cat... Does the OEM header/exhaust manifold have o2 connection or was it directly on the cat itself? I have aftermarket header with plugged o2 connection and the lambda is currently connected directly to aftermarket cat since it already had a connection to it. But is the best place for the sensor at the end of the header pipe before the cat starts? I'm asking all of this because i have constant issues with high emissions. I'm trying to rule out things. ECU could cause all sorts of readings depending on the set up... Right now i'm going to replace the rusted header if that helps. If the header leaks somewhere, it could lead to surprisingly big emission issues. ECU for instance could assume that the engine is running too lean, and compensate it with more fuel so that it runs rich... Has anyone changed thermostat, coolant/radiator cap, coolant temperature sensor? Many people here have issues with emissions on B18c4. So did any of those things fix the issue for someone? Or does the car need a OEM cat? ECU issue regarding non-OEM parts used? These cars doesn't seem to like some of the aftermarket parts if i'm not wrong...
  7. Has any of you replaced the distributor on MB6/MC2 Civics? In North-American forums some people say bad things about aftermarket ones, but OEM ones are quite expensive if i'm not wrong... Would this be any good? https://www.a4h-tech.com/en/ashuki-blue-print-distributor-td-87u-civic-integra-95-01 Or this? https://www.a4h-tech.com/en/dragon-fire-performance-distributor-td-86u-honda-civic-integra (Havent heard about the brand) Which of these would be the best bet? Ashuki product claims to be "OEM Replacement with a perfect quality." Dragon Fire Performance claims to be for high perfomance, suitable for high rpm etc. Has anyone used Ashuki products on their Hondas around here? Good/bad experiences? Also has anyone replaced thermostat with a aftermarket part? Any risks? Good brands? Meyle, Mahle, Gates?
  8. Is it best to connect the o2 sensor straight to cat (universal) or to connect it to exhaust manifold's (aftermarket) o2 connection? Does it make difference with o2 sensor readings wether it's on the cat or the new exhaust manifold? I've read claims that the 02 readings could be off with aftermarket exhaust manifolds if it's connected further back from the manifold. Either way on these civics the o2 sensor has to be installed before the cat, right? So i wonder if it makes any difference to place it on the exhaust manifold, since it also has a place for it next to the flange.
  9. Are there any model specific exhaust manifolds for MB6 B18c4 anymore? Toyosports made some a few years ago. I can only find some cheap from ebay or more expensive from skunk2 or Tegiwa. I need a new one because the old one is rusted. DCsports 4-1 manifold. Is anyone using this by any chance? https://turboworks.pl/product-eng-5852-Exhaust-manifold-HONDA-CIVIC-B18-4-1.html Any idea if that would fit or could there be ground clearence issues etc. ? I can only find some manifolds meant for B18 in general. Does all aftermarket B18 exhaust manifolds fit MB6? Any bad experiences?
  10. "ruff running and not responding to throttle input correctly" Only highway driving? "car like stalling if i dont press the throttle to get it running right again" I used to have similar issues/symptoms with 1990 Civic hatchback. It usually started "jerking" once the engine got warmer or especially if you drive 5-30 minutes to some place and turn off the car for 15 minutes or more, then once you restart the car those issues usually start. Never had those symptoms after first cold start. Usually after second or third time during a trip. Does the engine warning light ever turn on? How long have you owned the car? Have you ever had issues with emissions? Does your car consume/leak oil? Perhaps a bad distributor. Also bad solderings on Main relay is common issue in 90's Hondas. I had 2 bad solderings on my 88 CRX and after fixing that, all the starting issues went away. But if you don't have issues with starting, then it may not be that i guess. I'm just guessing here from my experience, i'm not an expert of any kind. These B18C4 engines are a bit weird. Many people seem to have some issues. Some don't have but when you do, it's usually something weird and hard to locate.
  11. I tried to change the original PCV valve with a new aftermarket one (cheap). It was hard to remove the old one and it cracked in two pieces. I got it all out eventually while very frustrating. Putting the new one was surprisingly hard too. I did attach it to the hose surprisingly easily but it was hard to press the new valve back into the hole. There's no space so hard to apply any strengh. I'm not sure if it's all the way down. It looks pretty good but i think it could be a little off. The aftermarket valves rubber part was a bit longer than in the old OEM one. Maybe that makes it hard too. Anyway tried to start the car after all the work and i think the idling is a bit off. It could be running lean or rich if i installed it wrong... There is some smell and exhaust gas smells a bit rich too although i always had trouble with emissions/car running too rich. Also the car is using oil so that's also the reason for trying to change pcv valve. I haven't test driven yet but i'm afraid i could've made things worse. Might have to take the car to a car mechanic. Tried to save some money by doing it myself because the valve is in a bad spot in these engines as you may know. Is it harmful to the engine if i installed it badly? Is running rich or lean harmful to engine? When i pressed the gas pedal at idle it didnt sound healthy/strong. Choking sounds and hesitating sound but the pedal feel was normal. Should i try to drive the car or let someone take a look?
  12. I have Mb6 civic. What is the size of that small rubber hose from valve cover to the breather tube? its connected with small clamps from both ends like in the picture (not my car). I had aftermarket air intake from preavious owner and trying to replace it with Integra oem air intake. What size in mm. and is it same size from both ends?
  13. Do you have stock manifold anymore? I don't. I bought the car with aftermarket exhaust system including the manifold (dc sports 4-1) so i've always used aftermarket catalytic converter and the O2 sensor is in the converter. The converter naturally after the manifold under the car because of aftermarket parts. But i always thought the EK civics had the catalytic converter mated with the manifold up-front and MB civics had it more traditionally positioned under the car after manifold? I wonder if it affects emissions when it's all situated in different place... Does any basic cheap aftermarket/universal catalytic converter work for you guys? Any problems at MOT?
  14. What emission "class" does the Mb6 belong to? i have 1997 model. I'm looking to buy a new universal catalytic converter. I need to know which kind is enough to pass the emissions. Some converters are for pre-obd-II etc. I'm not even sure if Mb6 is technically obd-II? Also do you guys in UK use Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4 etc. class for emissions? My MB6 is a 97 so idk if its euro 2 or euro 3? Does any catalytic converter with o2 sensor fitment suffice?
  15. Should i replace the flywheel bolts with new ones? Honda oem bolts or ARP etc. Some say ARP bolts are too long for light flywheel applications? Also what bearing etc. would i need? Release bearing usually comes with new clutch kits i suppose. I'm going for OEM exedy kit (supposedly some 90's Hondas come with exedy from factory). Should i replace the flywheel bearing too? New pressure plate bolts or re-use old ones?
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