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  1. MBFinlay

    B18C4 running rich

    Does chipped/tuned ECU make things better or worse with emissions and flow/back pressure of the exhaust?
  2. MBFinlay

    B18C4 running rich

    I've also had issues with emissions. This time it was broken distributor cap but there has been problems earlier too. Cat has been changed once. If anyone is having oil leak/consumption issues then it could be worth to change VTEC solenoid gaskets, all of them. Especially the big one with the filter gets bad in a long period of time. I've been wondering if aftermarket exhausts and manifolds can affect emissions? Stock ECU may not be able to handle it? Can't cope with the flow change etc.? Increased heat in the engine bay with aftermarket manifolds? Stock ones have heat shields and all that...
  3. MBFinlay

    air intakes

    Is 90 degree turn okay? too Much? 45 degree too little? I've seen some of those locally. Is 75mm diameter too big or doable?
  4. MBFinlay

    Water leaking into the boot

    Same thing with my MB6. Water gets in the left side like in your second picture. Next to that white "ventilation" thingy.
  5. MBFinlay

    Type r

    Does DC2 integra steering wheel fit MB6? I've read they do but does the airbag work/connect? Also i've come across Honda Logo GA3 srs (1998-2001) steering wheel. Would that fit? I wonder what kind of steering column it uses. Could it be eg civic based or ek for example? How many different "specs" honda has i wonder.
  6. MBFinlay

    air intakes

    Where did you get/buy that plastic L-curve? Dimensions? Does everything else fit normally to MB6?
  7. MBFinlay

    VTEC solenoid gaskets mb6 b18c4

    Where do i find part 91319-PR3-003 the vtec solenoid oil pressure o-ring gasket? I looked online and found only some from US, Japan and Russia. I'd like to find from Eu region. Tax and customs stuff... 36172-P08-015 and 15825-P08-005 also needed but those i can find but would be ideal to find everything from the same shop. Give me links please where to buy. I live in Finland, not in UK. I suspect my VTEC solenoid is causing oil burning/spilling. Thats why im asking. Anyone here changed the gaskets before? I heard its common problem with some b-series engines.
  8. Best prize/perfomance/durability/quality ratio? I've heard Blue print makes good aftermarket parts for Japanese vehicles especially. Should be better or same as OEM they claim. Ferodo? TRW? Delphi? Bosch? Also should you ever use different pads with different disc brand? Or different combo in front vs rear axle?
  9. Has anyone here bought new aftermarket front fenders for their MB6? Or just got used ones from scrap yard etc. ? I was wondering if the aftermarket ones fits directly or if there are any seam gaps, if the headlight and bonnet fit to it properly etc. Things that can go wrong. Diederichs makes them but couldn't find those. I got myself Polcar ones. https://catalog.polcar.com/#!KatKatalogGlowny/fender-front-381102/492184 Should i try fitting them first before getting them painted at a shop? I was thinking of putting them on later in spring. But could get them painted already. Any bodypanel/exterior info would be welcome in this forum. Considering aftermarket parts especially.
  10. MBFinlay

    wheel nuts for MB6 OEM wheels

    I suppose the aftermarket one isn't safe to use with OEM wheels. Sitting of the nut looks so different.
  11. MBFinlay

    wheel nuts for MB6 OEM wheels

    Are they 60 degree cone design or what? Can someone show pictures? I have old rusty ones which aren't originals.
  12. MBFinlay

    MB6 exhaust options/specs

    How did you get rid of the booming/droning noise? What kind of muffler? What was the size of that magnaflow? inlet and outlet piping size? Length of muffler? I wonder if free flowing mufflers always drone on Hondas... All aftermarket/Universal ones seems to be freeflowing. No sound deadening what so ever?
  13. MBFinlay

    MB6 exhaust options/specs

    What is the stock/OEM pipe diameter in MB6? 2.0 or 2.25?
  14. MBFinlay

    MB6 exhaust options/specs

    Does anyone have supersprint (923125) silencer in their MB6? what is the diameter? 2.25? 2.5? I have 2.5 piping at the moment. Muffler/silencer should ideally be 2.5 too. Supersprint seem pricey but i suppose it's a quality product? Sounds are usually fine too but what about on MB6? Anyone here had one? Too loud? Booming noice? "Ricey"? I don't want too loud but some sound would be nice. Current one is too booming under hard gas or high way speeds in general. Any suggestions? Some magnaflow oval? What are the specs for original exhaust system with MB6? Pipe diameter? Never had original in mine when i got so it would be interesting to know.
  15. MBFinlay

    Help with door card upholstery please!

    I actually kind of like that seat and door card coloring. Seems unique compared to average cars of today. Isn't that surprisingly rear feature in these cars? I only know that some 1.6 versions have that interior.