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Oil inside throttle body?


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I went to remove my induction kit so I could change the filter and I noticed bit of oil inside throttle body. I just wiped it off. Then a week later I went to check again if there's any oil and unfortunately there was. So I removed the whole throttle body and found the oil comes from intake manifold. Now I'm not really a mechanic so I don't know what is happening here but a friend of mine told me there shouldn't be any oil near the throttle body so obviously something is wrong here. My car though does burn oil on VTEC, quite a lot I would say, about 2L per 500 miles. I don't know if this problem could be related, so could someone shed a light on this? I plan to get my car rebuilt in a few months but is it safe to drive like this? 




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Sound like a blockage or a valve in the crankcase breather not how it should be,or even a pipe split.!!

so drawing oil up from sump and into inlet and burning it hence the oil consumption..


get a compression test done and compare cylinder readings.

may not even need a rebuild.

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Yes mate, every time I start it up, a puff of blue smoke comes out from exhaust and then loads when on VTEC.

I have some other issues as well, misfiring and idle hunt. Every time I start up, the rev needle shoots up to 3k and stays there for 5 seconds then slowly within 5 seconds comes down to 1.5k and idles there. Whilst idling, I can see black gunk spitting out from the exhaust. Once the temperature needle is at 1/4, the idle needle revs constantly between 1k to 2k. The temperature needle doesn’t go above 1/4 so I think car is fully warmed up by then.

I’ve noticed oil leaks from a few places, I’ve taken pictures to show.

Also is that a crack I 've got on bottom right of throttle body or is it normal?

I’ll borrow a compression test tool off a mate and then check. Like I said I'm not really a mechanic but would love to learn.







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Ok I need help again, was putting back the throttle body so I could take the car to garage to get them to check it but as soon I started it up, it idles at 2k and after a minute it goes above 3k. I rechecked everything and found a hole in this hose pipe which I think causese vacuum leak. Also I lost all my coolant whilst the pipe was disconnected :( So now I need a new hose pipe, does anyone know how to check what size it is or what way can I temporary fix to cover the hole?



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