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  1. noodels

    stage 1 clutch

    Honda clutch has a 250 capability so why stage 1 ? Grease the push rod in the slave cylinder
  2. noodels

    1.8 vti suspension fit on the 1.4

    prob sit higher, be good for fields
  3. noodels

    P28 with Hondata S300, limp mode problem

    Maybe a dry joint,could you send it back to htune for testing,hassle I know but..!
  4. noodels

    Axle-Back from other civics fit?

    get correct one for your mb2
  5. noodels

    Philgor's 2005 Honda CR-V

    Was referring to old Bill, a local chap who rides a penny farthing and wears a funny hat, he is always flashing his lights and ringing his bell
  6. noodels

    Vti Aero Pulling all over the place

    Thinking of removing my rear Arb to see what happens,did not come as oem
  7. noodels

    Philgor's 2005 Honda CR-V

    Holy crap!! Glad your ok. Old bill had close call with me in the S2k other day. think they own the F**** road with there lights an all.... Oh well, should be ok to pay the mortgage off with this one
  8. noodels

    Air intake pipe has a hole

    Inner tube bike repair kit may be a fix ,if its a small hole maybe ?
  9. noodels

    MB6 exhaust options/specs

    Helmholtz resonator is used on most exhaust systems as well a quarter wave type to illuminate drone.
  10. noodels


    Pmd VTIS matts
  11. noodels

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

  12. noodels

    4x114 15" VTIS fanblades

    Don't know of any meets chap,i go to a few S2000 meets now and again