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Community Answers

  1. Would think the check valve is a one way valve to hold constant vacuum,which sounds like it is. Could also tape you phone cam with light on to show if the function is ok with road use
  2. Looks like not much fits including EK,way to short and think wrong fit at rear,<you need fork type> best bet is oem replacement parts with a lowering spring,but not much lowering 20mm should be ok. Most fit coilovers though, sorry its not an option for you ..
  3. Would have a guess that the wires and connectors are old and needs better thicker gauge wire near pump,they get hot with hard use and get a volt drop,heat up and melt, happens on other Honda with upgraded pumps and get a upgraded harness kit. Have a look before opening the new pump box so you can send it back =£s saved
  4. mine does,also had to clean threads on chassis rails,when found them.
  5. Yes Honda are pgm-fi, if it has fuel injection and sensors to govern fuel enrichment .
  6. Top arms were swapped round,for a castor mod. wheels are 114.3 on HONDA 100 PCD on ROVER
  7. Had rover mgzs180 dampers on my mc2vti, though way over sprung at front ,most parts are same as mb6 apart from rear bumper.
  8. Maybe a scissor jack and tweek open a bit ,if thats a possibility ?
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