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  1. Got BMW 118D for my daily ,had it a year and 55mpg and didnt use the MC2 been of road November,so garage space comes in handy as does the £s
  2. Did not think about taking any
  3. Waved goodbye to my MC2 today Sad to see it leave after 12 years of ownership time to move on
  4. Yes they are a mix of EG/ITR Kink has done bush before,but thats another story
  5. Had an MB6 on my MC2,just put chrome down turned one on about £10.All fits fine,as do Teg type R <B> pipes.<UK>
  6. Amazing shiny clean,sticky tyres also Cleaned my black bmw today,very windy so covered in dust again,even before i have driven it !!
  7. Bought a Black E87 118D Msport 141 about a year ago same year, a late 09 torque is nice,as is good MPG BabyBMW is a good forum for 1ers
  8. Only one of these left, get your dosh ready 18k Honda Civic mb6 1.8VTI super production race car | eBay
  9. Thought this was yours jake,but glad its not , some nice mods on this though!! Honda Civic mb6 VTIS 700BHP/FORGED/SHOWROOM ENGINE BAY/100-200KPH 5.4SECS | eBay
  10. Would think the check valve is a one way valve to hold constant vacuum,which sounds like it is. Could also tape you phone cam with light on to show if the function is ok with road use
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