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  1. Oh its catching there,you need adjustable camber arms,a wheel spacer would make it worse. or raise car a little
  2. You have Different offset wheels,so would work well with spacers.
  3. Not worth restoring tbh, take engine/box out and put it in a Integra R rolling chassis if you can find one So a re-shell is best option,the engine is the heart of the car.
  4. I used these when i had no shim egay 231589276066 Brakesint may also have other parts like 233209507841
  5. Like my full leather seats much firmer and look much better
  6. Would think all the same,only ones that are not the same are DC2 type R & EK9 type R
  7. Time it up correctly and do a compression test.
  8. FFS Tech | B-series Piston Check (ff-squad.com) gsr has little more CR than b18c4 <10:1 ?>so be about this below and would be better without the snail inlet manifold and p28 ecu,but try it maybe ok with 98ron gas,you need to know what you have also.. P73 JDM pistons in B18C w/GSR head CR=11.3-4ish P73 US pistons in B18C w/GSR head CR=10.8-9ish
  9. Did you look at any Bilstein Simon ?got them on my polo and stiffer damping than oem
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