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  1. Taking preload out will actually lower the car, so you'll need to compensate by raising it. I'm pretty sure they go to almost stock ride height. Damping you set to whatever you like, that's the bouncy part of the ride. I learned all this while fettling with it on the VTi-S I had, took me a month to dial it in and work out how I liked it.
  2. Are they the gloves you wear for bank robberies? Think this warrants a selfie!
  3. Haven't had nor got the time currently to deal with COTM so @Dave or @dr_broon may have to pick this up.
  4. As Al said, wind off the spring preload to zero, usually set at something like 5 or 10mm and you'll also need to adjust the height to compensate. Not forgetting the damping adjustments you can make too. Shame to swap suspension for once or twice a year because you're getting too old for it @Dave
  5. They're all the same, can't remember the thread size, just chucked it on two and a half years ago.
  6. Krzys

    MB4 to B16 swap

    You'll need all the B series engine loom, gearbox, driveshafts, mounts and ECU as they are different from the D16 your car has. It can be done in a day/weekend though.
  7. They might fit but probably have the wrong spring rate for the MB.
  8. I kid you not, the seatbelts are either shorter than most or my friend is growing because they struggled to buckle up!
  9. Also been really busy with work and the social life too! Not that I ever venture on forums at weekends anyway
  10. The MB has a tow hook both sides at the front, bolt the strap to one of those and feed it through the bumper. On the track car we attached it to the chassis leg and made a slit in the front bumper to feed it through.
  11. Certainly feels much better on the pedal!
  12. They've appear this time around of checking. Weird!
  13. Used exactly the same coding here and FCC yet it's worked fine there and not here.
  14. Cool, we'll be looking for a plated 2-way diff in the future for ours! The Helical one I've put in the road car won't be up to the job as good, plus track car allows you to go hardcore
  15. Been a while since anything has changed with Steve but here are two of the big upgrades I've been meaning to do for a while! Meister R suspension along with R33 GTR front and rear brakes! Rear discs aren't my choice, but have life in them so going to run with them for now and replace with blanks in the future. Ride is lovely and compliant! Brakes are much better than OEM.
  16. Probably won't happen, not for a while anyway but of course I'd put a thread up for everyone's amusement
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