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How to display your photos in a post.

You can easily add photos to your post! When creating a topic, Look at the bottom left corner of the box. You will see "Attach Files". Click the "choose files" button next to it to upload your photos from your computer to the forum. Then next to each uploaded photo, click the "add to post" button. Simples!

If on the other hand you have photos stored on a site like photobucket etc that you want to show, you can do it the following way.
Your photo will be given various URL's (links) by photobucket etc, Its these links that you need, as these are what you post on the forum. The forum will then recognize the link as a photo/image link, and display your photo here on the site. Ok, now the instructions.

1. Choose the photo you want to show.
2. Upload the photo to a photo hosting site, such as http://www.photobucket.com (you may have to register on whatever site you choose to host your photos.)
3. Once logged into your photo hosting site, you will see a list of "URL's" (links) next to your photo. The one you need is the "Direct link" (Photobucket images only)
4. Copy the "Direct link" url of your photo, and paste it into your post on civic5.

5. Done!! That was easy!

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