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White aerodeck mc2 1.8 vti mot failure value

Ashley meekings

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Hi all, devastated tbh, my deck just failed its mot on both upper ball joints, back box leak, an excessive corrosion to front ns sill area (shouldn't have failed in my opinion it's surface rust nothing more) 

Also advisorys on both lower front ball joints too. 

I'm now not in a position right now financially to sort this as I fancy a change of car soon so I don't feel its worth it throwing that kind of money at it. 

It's just ticked over 140 K an the engine still pulls sweet in vtec an iab crossover. It does not burn any oil at all, as its always warmed up an cooled down properly, never ever booted cold. It looses slight oil due to cam cover gasket an sump gasket needing replacement. The vtec solenoid gasket is fresh. It could do with a new clutch master cylinder, but the clutch itself was replaced 3 months ago. It also has a big dent in the passenger door because somebody hit it while parked an drove off. I have a silver door that needs a slight bend sorting out, needs spraying white but then it's good to swap over. 

I now feel I have no choice but to sell her to somebody that either will see her back to glory, or make use of the amazing b18c4 engine. I've owned since Jan 2015 from 101k to the 140 it's on now. 

What would people value this at nowadays as I know aerodeck values have increased 

Thanks again people 

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@Ashley meekings Moved this to the lounge mate as the SOS is for faults etc.

Any pics of the rust? Know they are tending to go in that area now, but a member recently posted up photos of severe rust on his (was rear wheel arch/inner arch, door step and sill) which looked horrendous but he managed to get it welded for I think £190 all in. Might be worth getting a few quotes first as it might not be as expensive as you think to repair her. The other faults are just bolt on items so easy enough to buy replace (probs the master cylinder being the trickiest) Photos of the rust failure will let us have a better idea of the condition of the car. Aerodecks are popular, and seeing fewer and fewer on the roads nowadays. The VTi is always desirable so shouldn't have any probs selling wise as long as someone is prepared to put in the work to fix it.

You got a link to your project thread topic so folks can see the car?

Once you get an idea of values, pop an ad up in our for sale section bud.

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if you was closer I'd be tempted to have this! but even without an mot it's worth 750 atleast. the the engine packages go for that. I just hope someone  buys it and sorts it out and keeps it on the road! 

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I know mate Same here, gutted to get rid but can't afford 220 miles a full tank anymore, I'm using a tank a week just for work, getting a more pocket friendly car, otherwise I would be fixing an keeping it going. Been by far the best solid an most reliable car I've had 

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