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Interchangable Swaybars!?

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Hello everyone. I'm the owner of a Silver VTI Aerodeck for almost 7 years now, and use it as a daily/weekendracer/tracktool. 


I've changed it almost every nut and bolt on the car, and still  I try to improve things as we go. The full suspension of the car has been adjusted/altered for a fully adjustable coiloverset, PU bushings, changed the front brakes from the oem single piston to a double piston caliper form the Accord V6, braided brakelines, Ferodo ds2500 pads, slothed discs from Stoptech, and loads more.


I've just always wondered, what are the thickest swaybars we can fit on our cars? All I've noticed in the last couple of years is that the EG and ITR parts often fit, sometimes with minor adjustments, so I thought it would be the case with this aswell. 

Can someone enlight me?


With kind regards and heaps of respect for the build on this forum, love it!



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As Simon says, be great to see your Aerodeck bud. MGZS anti-roll bars are a common choice too as they are thicker than ours

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On 11/6/2020 at 7:35 PM, dr_broon said:

Hi there, welcome along welcometocivic5smile


Would be cool to see some pics of your cat and get a build thread going 8-)


Little bit here on roll bars here :



Thanks fella's.

If just the MG ZS ones are compatible, which size difference are the compared to the oem MB6 ones? I've already installed a MB6 one on the Deck, but I'd like to go a bit further. Also the front ones, are they also thicker from the MG?

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Yes both the front and the rear mgzs roll bars are thicker than mb6/mc2 has so be a good idea to fit both front and rear if you can get them.

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