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Quite sad to see that ford is stopping making the mondeo soon. 




The article says that it's in response to the massive increase in SUV / crossover demand. 


Follows the lead of others I suppose - including honda not selling the new model accord over here. 


I personally don't really get the whole SUV thing, and when I was cleaning the deck last weekend for the first time in a few years after it being away so long, I was struck by how small it seemed. When I first bought it in 2006 it seemed like a big car. That was coming from a Toyota carina (with the biggest boot ever) as my previous car, and the wife's car at the time was a pug 106.


I've driven quite a few cross overs / SUVs as hire cars with work in the last few years, and none of them have really clicked. They are okay for motorway miles, but just don't engage me anywhere else. 


I'm always shocked at how such big cars can have such a small boot - especially when you compare them to the cavernous boot of the outgoing mondeo. 


Also, the whole SUV thing seems to be at odds with the drive for more environmental motoring - bigger, heavier, less aerodynamic.. Must impact on range / performance of electrification. I guess the only thing is it probably makes it easier to hide a load of batteries under the floor. 


Just feels like a shame that these type of cars have fallen out of fashion, so people can drive around up in the air, thinking that they're in a wide car, not just a tall car. 


No offence to anyone who drives an SUV, but personally, they're not for me. 

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  • dr_broon changed the title to March of the SUV

Totally get that mate! I've never been a fan of the "SUV" otherwise know as the "Sports Utility Vehicle". Nothing Sporty about any SUV, they're just oversized, cumbersome hulks that have the driving appeal of a driving a milkfloat around in a tumble drier. No feedback through the steering, interiors with less room than like you say an externally smaller saloon car. The only place they have more room inside is headspace, which is uneccessarily large. Wasted space above your head which serves no purpose nor serves any use. All it does is make them overly tall with a high centre of gravity which makes them more unstable handling wise. Interior is small, but exterior is bloated in every direction, meaning they take up more space on the road, are a tight fit in regular parking spaces, are a lot heavier than they need to be. Styling wise, they all look the bloody same with the exceptions of probably two (nissan Juke and Toyota CRH, which both look like each other!)


I've driven the KIA Sportage (again, what the hell is sporty about something with the styling cues of a house brick??) and never driven anything so numb. The likes of Renault, Citroen and Peugeot offerings are againhorrible to look at and horrible to drive. The Audi/VW/BMW offerings look bland and are too expensive, the Porsche, Ferrari and other "prestige" (again, what is prestige about a brick?) versions are stupidly expensive. 


The one thing they all have in common is they are cluttering our roads, are asthetically mundane, uneconomical (therefor not environmentally friendly) and drive like the preverbial  house brick.


I've never lusted after a Mondeo nor wanted to own one, but i'd sure as hell have one over any SUV any day of the week! RIP Mondeo, son of the Sierra, Grandson of the Cortina....you will be sorely missed!


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