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Guess where we were today!


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So, weather was fair today so we decided to go for a run in Mindy our wee MX5. Went our usual run towards Innerlethen and the Yarrow valley, and out over the moors. At the end of the road there's this wee pub/hotel called the Gordon Arms Hotel in the middle of nowhere, so seeing as it was lunchtime anyways and we'd always said we'd love to try it out, we popped in for lunch. Had there Gordon arms burger, which was amazing!! Then we left the pub and normally would turn left back towards Yarrow/Selkirk/Galashiels, but decided to turn right and see where it took us.

5 mins from the Gordon arms, we turned right.............any of our long standing Civic5 Members recognise where this is?



No? Ok......what about now?



Getting warmer........ok, how about now



Yup! St Marys Loch!! One of the best ever Civic5 meet venues! Thats the big carpark we normally take over (see pics below!)





Happy times those! Can't believe we ended up at St Marys loch! We came in for the side the meet usually exits, so did the run backwards! When we first drove along the road (before we found the layby), I said to Gayle I'm sure I recognize this road! Then said, hang on! If theres a layby on the left round this corner, its the St Marys loch road! Sure enough, there it was. We decided to do the run backwards then cut off and head for home instead of heading to Dalkeith. Ended up in rain (yes, hood stayed down!) and then brightened up before eventually hitting torrential rain (too right, hood went up quick as hell! lmaorlol.gif1 ) 

So surprised to find that the run is litterally 25 mins from our front door! Used to take us ages to get there from the old house! We love where we live now!!!! Tis awesome! More photos on Mindy's project thread here>> Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy) - Page 17 - Other cars - Civic5 Honda Civic MA/MB/MC owners club

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2 hours ago, dr_broon said:

Happy days mate. Got to get another one of those done when things get sorted. 8-)

Deffo mate, have had messages on here and on FB and my phone from members itching to get a civic5 meet on the go. Simon and Gav are deffo up for coming up as spoke to them a few weeks ago, and Jordan that has the VTiS aerodeck just along the road from our old house messaged me just yesterday to ask when are we having one! lol Gayle said the same on the way back, we need to get this organised soon. Once we know where we stand re covid restrictions we'll get on it, see who's all up for it. Be sooooo good to see all our old friends and also meet some of our new members too. Every meet in the past has been awesome so hoping that theme will carry on. 

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