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I have an aerodeck vti and when I bought it, I decided instantly it was too soft and handled like a barge. So I managed to find an mg zs 180 rear arb and ordered a set on eibach springs.


Once it was all fitted the car does seem alot better, but it's still really soft. I don't think the dampers have had it, I just think there too soft.

After reading, I keep seeing about the zs180 shocks, but it says they'll lower the car another 15mm (which is don't want it any lower, just firmer). Butni keep seeing people say get the zs120. So I'm confused and can't find a definite answer.


So keeping my current eibach springs, which would be better, 


Zs180 or zs120 dampers?



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I believe the dampers between 120 and 180 are the same, it's the front spring rate thats different and 120 being 4 cylinder engine, makes them better match for the 4 cylinder civic.


I'm pretty sure someone on here tried civic lowering springs on mg shocks before tho and it didn't work out to well.

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