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  1. Finally! i have a wheel bearing that fits! never thought i could be so excited about a wheel bearing haha thanks Boon
  2. Ah I ordered 2 bearings last night off of that autodoc.... and I've just re checked and yeah, both part numbers were in the cross references.. so hopefully they'll be right... I might keep the second as a spare
  3. Thanks pal, this helps alot... I rang honda and they gave me this part number (42200 s30 951) and I've ordered one that cross references with that, but I'll search for one using your part number, I'll end up with about 10 at this rate haha... aslong as only 9 need to be sent back then that'll do haha
  4. How long ago was this pal? I've tried most places and they say it's either a discontinued bearing or they say they've got it, but it turns out to be wrong. I really don't know what to do now, I was going to 4x100 convert it but it seems the spindle stub length is different, so that won't work.. and prelude ones I've found look right, but the measurements they give in the description doesn't seem right... I want to stay 4x114 ideally as I've just had my wheels refurbished.
  5. Unsure if this has been answered, but i have a mc2 and one of the wheel bearings has gone. After buying 4 so call "4x114" wheel bearings, which turned out to be 4x100, i have gve up and decided to convert the rear wheels to 4x100 as its alot cheaper and parts are actually available. I dont want to convert to 5x114 as its a pricey upgrade and i like my 4x114 wheels (im going to use 4x100 to 4x114 adaptors). My question is though, what discs do i buy? obviously i need 4x100 260mm discs, i know the mgzs 180 discs are 4x100 and 260mm, but i do they fit the standard MC2 rear calipers, as on mtech b
  6. MC2wo

    MC2 ARB Query

    Sorry if this sounds like a broken record, ive been doing loads of searching and cant seem to find exactly what im looking for. Just picked up my aerodeck and found that people say to fit the mgzs 180 rear arb (20mm), as this is a straight bolt on part. But, if one of these cant be found, is there any other straight bolt on arb? ive read the DC2 isnt as the bushes are in a different place and so is the ek. When looking on any parts website, when you go to the car select, they never list the civic mb/ mc chassis so it makes it a little hard to find parts. again, sorry if
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