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E10 injector terror.


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15 hours ago, AJCivic said:

Unfortunately still getting the same issue and even worse now, despite starting fine this morning. Car drives fine once started but starting just isn't happening! Not sure what it could be now, had the immobiliser light flash a couple times too when taking key out and back in again which was an issue I had a few months ago, doubt it is connected but can't rule it out.


Looks like it'll have to go in to be looked at, maybe it wasn't the fuel after all but a big coincidence this only started after putting the E10 in!

Well I suppose be wise to check the basics first. Plugs and fuel filter serviced etc?

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On 7/22/2022 at 10:47 AM, KiNK43 said:

Well I suppose be wise to check the basics first. Plugs and fuel filter serviced etc?


Yep both have been done earlier this year I believe it was, usually always get fuel filter done with oil, filters and plugs etc. 


Spoke to my mechanic yesterday to arrange a time to look at it, first thing he said? Asking which fuel I'd put in it! No secret that people are struggling with E10. 


Somebody at work also suggested distributor cap, so I took a look at that, was quite corroded inside possibly not helped by one of the 3 bolts snapping at some point so was presumably leaving a slight gap. Unplugged battery and gave it a clean, car fired straight up the first two times after that, tried again later on and back to not starting again, so still none the wiser until I can get everything else looked at.

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Just an update on this.


Touch wood - Problem seems to be over for now. Cleaned up the dizzy cap & rotor arm contacts, have replacement ones on order and also cleaned up the ignition switch. Had problems with that a year ago being gunked up and recently it was needing the key turning slightly more than 2nd position to get the lights/dash to come on, and had no issues since then. I will try and replace that if possible, the contacts inside look worn.


But a part of me still thinks it could have been the fuel seeing as it started almost as soon as I used E10, and now it's just diluted/run through? Maybe I'll never know, but won't be using E10 again anytime soon. I also don't think a problem with the ignition switch would be affected by giving it gas when trying to start?

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