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Found something rarer than Four-leaf clover !


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I just have to share my joy with you guys. Yesterday I was browsing our local online trading website (something like ebay) and I couldn't believe my eyes. I found a Honda 08V31-S1E-600 KIT brand new unopened ! And the price was 49 pounds  :shock: I bought it right away.


The KIT comes with everything needed to wire the fogs: Harness, relays, brackets, bolts and etc.. Even brand new button. Also it has a nice booklet with very detailed fitting and using instructions. (If you want I can upload photos of the whole book)


Here's some photos:


















There's only one bad part though. The kit doesn't include the fog surrounds. Nice thinking Honda... They have a different part number: 08V31-S1E-600-F. Now I have to look for two of those before I can fit the fogs. If you find fog surrounds somewhere please let me know. On ebay there is currently only one for sale. At least left and right are the same.

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Very nice find there! Shame it doesn't have the surrounds, found this from a Honda dealership, expensive though...




Yes, I saw that. This will be a last resort if I can't find another solution. Or maybe I'll try to fabricate something, maybe enlarge the stock surrounds.

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Wow this seller is awesome. He had fog surrounds in stock and bought them for 8 pounds brand new. But I need some help from all big fog owner's. I fitted the brackets and fogs. I don't think I can get something wrong there. But I have a problem putting in the surrounds. Inner side seems ok (sorry for the very dirty car):







But I cannot put the outer side. The bracket comes in the way and I can't put the surround in. It sits like this:




I have fitting instructions and still can't do it right.. Boy I feel dumb :D


And let me try that new function: @knight @Honda Paul @Roj

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It looks like the top of the surround is hitting the rubber on the fog lamp. Remove the rubber and see if the surround goes in fully? Then put the rubber on afterwards.

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I think I tried that but will do it again tomorrow. But the major problem seems to be that the plastic is hitting the bolt. I don't think I can stretch it to go around the bolt and bracket. Also can you make a close up photo of your fog just to see how it is supposed to look. I couldn't find a close up photo anywhere on the net..



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