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  1. Looking good mate .. Always grand to have a friend like that!
  2. Grant


    Only way to get what i want mate!
  3. Grant


    Office bitch .. Currently team lead with 3 direct reports with the Financial shared service operations of Travelport.com Before you lot outline them, my specialties are: Suck d**k, and a*s, and whatever necessary to move up .. Joys .. Although they are sending my wife and i on an all inclusive, fully paid Tokyo trip in October staying here http://www.mandarinoriental.com/tokyo/?kw=mandarin-oriental-tokyo_e&htl=MOTYO&eng=Google_EN&src=PPC&gclid=CPyolueyk80CFRITGwodUvYOsA .. So cant complain too much ..
  4. 205 bhp with an intake and 2.5" exhaust? You did well mate
  5. Thats not all of it mate! Thats just the main essentials! Sooo many little bits to buy ! And your exactly right, it all adds up .. Eventually, i am anticipating it hitting 3.5k .. Plus car purchase - 1k - plus other mods currently on - 2k (ish) .. 6k for an 18 year old 300+ brake honda Madness you say?!!? lol Better than a VAG or GM crap .. cheaper and ultimately will be faster! Rolled her out last night to wash her off for tomorrow .. Fall in love again everytime! Love it..
  6. Cheers mate. Im not finished yet.. lol But as an accountant, i have the obligatory spreadsheet detailed the costs. Its not pretty! There are a few areas i have saved a decent amount of money - gauges, injectors, things from the states, Mani & oil/water fittings, but its still a fair whack. By the time i've got her mapped - looking at about £3,100 Real quick break down off the top of my head that i've already bought/know the pricing of; Turbo - £740 Mani - £320 Injectors - £120 IC & Piping - £100 Exhaust - £250 (Home fabbed) Oil/water lines - £200 Fuel pump - £80 Clutch - £200 Mounts - £200 ECU - £100 Mapping - £450 Misc gasktets etc - £200 BOV, Boost controller, spark plugs - list is endless mate !
  7. Liar! Loads has been done! Get some pics up!
  8. Would probably say your better finding an audio specific shop .. Of all the things done on here, generally audio isnt something done too often! Aside from a sub/amp combo!
  9. You will make more power. But marginally. Thats the deal you make having a honda N/A unfortunately..
  10. Love it mate.. Absolutely cracking shots .. Edited after wards aswell?? Wish i could pics like this lol
  11. Mate i have literraly creamed my pants. Twice. First at your R32 and secondly at some of those pics.. We need to speak, what camera you using? Lense, aperture, SS, tell all .. And get some more up!
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