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  1. Sold to a lad I know, gave it away - £1500 the new owner is on here, think his user name is peanut or something. sods law, soon as you sell something then a few turbo kits pop up on facebook/ebay ffs.
  2. beastgtir

    K24 EP3

    Didn't update this thread but the car has had a few bits done to it since. Mardi gras racing 4.9 final drive new clutch fitted, decided to go with OEM Exedy this time around. CTR cam gears fitted (not yet had the map tweaked) Meister R coilovers new drop links all round and ball joints etc etc I managed to test it against some cars, only cars with 350+ would manage to get 1-2 cars on me...
  3. This was sold a few months ago to a friend of mine. It is still local to me but due to a few issues and other commitments it had to be sold.
  4. This was the kit I was looking at. http://www.bwrusa.com/product_p/bwtk-brh44.htm The full race stuff starts to get really expensive, around $5000 dollars. I may go with race-techs kit only issue is a lot of people say the turbos are crap. may put together a kit myself.
  5. Ok so my K24 EP3 is pretty much complete, Brings me back to toying this beauty and starting up an information thread for some knowledge. I did help out a couple of friends with doing turbo conversions but been a while and also since I owned a turbo b. So just making a list of items il. B - Series Turbo kit (any recommendations? may possibly go BWR - Full Race or Race tech) Injectors Intercooler kit Exhaust Clutch ECU -- whats best to run as so many different ones now since I last fiddled with a b
  6. beastgtir

    K24 EP3

    Makes me want to turbo my mb6 now 😭😭😭 It will get turbo'd next year!!! 😄😄😄
  7. beastgtir

    K24 EP3

    I haven't had the chance to drive the car properly as my geo is bad and front coilovers are knocking. just waiting to get them rebuilt and then have a proper fast road set up done and the cam gears changed with the map being tweaked for it. it is very quick and extremely strong in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I've got a long final drive so may change the gears to shorter DC5 4/5/6 if I can find some cheap ones. I may end up going back to a 4.7 final drive as it just drops out of vtec on upshifts. rev limit raised to 8k so im ok for the time being just hope with the 30 degrees of vtc the vtec will come down to around 5.5k. this would be ideal as il stay on cam through all gears!
  8. I would get the dizzy checked and timing. Sounds like its got an intermittent misfire.
  9. Sounds like a 'hunting' problem. This can be due to the IACV and other causes are vacuum leaks etc.
  10. Hondas are generally reliable. I feel your pain. I spent around £500 in the first week I got mine! Tyres, Tax, Clutch, etc etc
  11. The good go early
  12. beastgtir

    K24 EP3

    So had this pretty much finished off. Results were 279.4 BHP - 205 ish ft lbs of torque pretty much throughout the rev range! This was on a 25 degree cam gear. Running slightly more vtc should see 285 ish and 215 ft lbs of torque however this is an estimate and the cams make max power at 31/32 vtc so it could be slightly more then predicted... This was on Eurospec rollers in this heat!
  13. These companies just want the big fish.. All in it for the $$$ One of the above ones is on facebook 24/7 and civinfo/ctro all hours of the day. They just don't want our custom tbh. Traders you can try contacting are. Funky Power H tune Tegiwa Hond-R FL Performance Eurospec CPL Hendy performance/Honda Thing is, unlike CTRO with 1000's of users and mugs who pay £2500 for an intercooler to be fitted we have a small community and most mods are on a smaller basis. So its better to skip the tuners as not a lot of people will use their services. Also we need to get our original members/traders back too like rich/dynodaze and others.
  14. Love cosmic, gonna re-shell mine into a cosmic!
  15. Those be the ones! I've only ever managed to snap 1 Honda drive shaft doing a wheel spin in my many years of driving however its pretty common for Nissans for some reason.
  16. Be aware of the issues of skimming an already lightened flywheel like the DC2 ones. Personally, I wouldn't bother with skimming unless the flywheel had damage either by the clutch friction materials burning on to it or a totally worn out clutch damaging it with the rivets.
  17. Check the drive shafts, a lot of Hondas come with a 'anti vibration/balancer ring' fitted to them.
  18. No idea maz, Just had the clutch fitted plus a new slave cylinder as it was sticking and staying open. Explains why it was difficult to get into gear on odd occasions.
  19. beastgtir

    K24 EP3

    Car has been put back together. Got my ECU back but as luck has it, the temperature gauge and fan won't kick in as it was disabled. (Tuner mistook it as going into a k swap car so didn't tick the options in the multi plexer). Nothing major. He is sending me the calibration with the items ticked and il upload it to a k pro ecu il borrow off a friend for the time being. I've taken it for a run to stretch its legs and it has bags of torque! I've paid for a 3" solid fabrications exhaust. Getting it fitted by Alan as I don't want to run into any issues with fitment as its a tight squeeze with that size diameter. Initially I wanted to run a 3.5" intake pipe into the fender area but this seems a bit difficult as the EP3 engine bay is so cramped! Plus with the RBC and larger Throttle body. It sits at a weird angle. Due to the size of my tb (74mm). I can't even go for a Tegiwa M as the intake hose is too small. Haven't got much of an option but to run it to the back of the engine and make a heat shield for the time being. Mot and tax. Next. Then it's ready for the tune and to see what numbers it's gonna put down! Never ever say you will do a budget build as it will never stay in budget lol.
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