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hellooooo :)


this is my white diamond <3 


mb1 sr vtec of course (looove this models), d16y2, 1996, when i bought her, she was all stock, 209000 km, nothing to do, MOT passed successfuly, just the absober shock and tyres to do !


it's funny because my white was made on 27-03-1996 and my second mb1 on 27.03.1997 ^^


i was 18 years old when i get it, and didn't have my license driving, so my boyfriend drive it for one year, and i was a passager! too hard :P

it's my fisrt car and i could'nt dream better !

a lot of work have been made on my car to keep her in good healty (her last owner was a real fan too so it took care of her ! i get it in very good conditions)


this is some pics when i bought it^^













now she's got 238000 km, i drive her just on week end, cars meet or when i see friends.


she 'got 140 hp with litle modofications




engine :

- air intake (us racing ) will change it for a AEM v2

- fuel pressor regulator

- clutch and flywheel exedy

- spark plug+ wire

- oil 10w40 motul 300v

-fuel filter

oil drain every 7000-10000 km

- no clim :P






exhaust :

-catback MONGOOSE :D (the best sound!!)

coming soon exhaust manifold 



-D2 absorber shock (very good absorber!!)

-front bar


-brakes : 

- front and rear Brembo MAX disc

- front : ebc green (will change too)

-rear : ebc red 


body :

-new headlight

-rear light from phase 2

- front and rear bumper painted 

-lateral skurt painted in white

- ans new spoiler from MG ZS ecstatic.gif1 


coming very soon... :P 

- gearbox : final drive 4.9  drool.gif1 and new 1-2 3-4 sync

and new wheels and tyre 16"


she is my soul, she is my heart...i can't imagine my life  without her :)


this is pics with her new spoiler ^^


hope you like :) and sorry for my english, i hope you understand what i write XD






























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thank you :) :)

yeah it's way funny to do the pics in the bay, engine cold of course :P

ha ha i need to do an engine picture at somepoint i recon! but its cold here so might need to run the engine for a little bit before hand

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