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Ok, this is to help anyone who might not know how to post photos on the web. Here's how to post pictures on this site. This How To is also used to display an image in your signature (the bit underneath all our posts)

To change your sig, go to the top right of the page, click your username to see the dropdown menu, and select "Account settings". You will then see a new page, and on the left side, a menus bar. Fifth one down is "signature". Click on it, and you will see a box where you can fill in what you want in your signature.

If you want a photo in it, click the "Choose files" button and choose a photo from your pc/device. Once it has uploaded the photo, click the small "add" symbol on the photo and it will add it to your signature.

You can also use photos hosted elsewhere such as photobucket. To use one of these, visit your image on photobucket etc and copy the url of the image.  Paste the url into the signature box. Now click "save changes" and you're done! Please note, maximum size of sigs are 600 x 100px

NOTE: For photobucket images, you need to use the "direct link" option on photobucket.



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