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  1. Got the battery tray guard/heatshields all fitted back on. When we removed it, the bolts all sheared clean off with minimum pressure. So, had to cut of the remainder of the bolts that was sticking out with the grinder, then grind them flat. next, drilled all 4 of them out. Bought new bolts, nuts and washers then decided to clean the guard up before fitting it and getting the bends out if it so it was all nice and straight. I also painted the battery tray inside and out where I havd been with the grinder and drill so no exposed metal left to rust, sealed up nicely. Got it fitted up and then cut the bolts down so nice and short, then covered them with copper grease to protect them for future removal if needed. Copper greased all the exhaust clamp bolts too so basically finished at the back now. Will be stripping her down again when the winter comes to refurb the rear calipers and paint them, and will also be getting the grinder and drill with wire brush to clean up the subframes and get them treated and painted. Will future proof it as well as really making her tidy underneath. Also ordered up new coolant hoses so that will complete the refurb of the coolant system. They come on Tuesday so will get them fitted, then fit the new radiator while I'm waiting on the new air con radiator arriving. Once that's fitted, put the front end back together and get her booked in for MOT. Been time consuming and more work than I expected, but at least it's a job I shouldn't ever have to do again as these new parts should last a hella long time. Will look at getting her booked in for a service too and want to get the supercharger serviced too. Anyhoo, here's the pics of the finished exhaust/back end!
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