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  1. Ahh man, sorry it didn't work out with the Crown mate. Truely nice car but like you say, expensive in every way. Had a feeling you would get pangs about the mb6 mate. the amount of time, work and money you poured into it, plus how long you had it, was always gonna be a tinge of regret selling her. Know I felt physically sick after |I sold Ruby the first time, even more so when I saw what the muppet that bought her was doing to her! Wasn't as bad the 2nd time I sold her although still miss her even now. Glad you're back in a Honda though! I have mixed feelings over the FN2's but mostly good feelings! I love the styling more than I think any car I've owned (except my Mk3 Cortina's though!), just think they look so cool from any angle! Also best interior I've had by far! Only things I didn't like about the TypeR FN2 were the fuel consumption and the ride. Just far too stiff for me! Power was nice though but deffo was gonna loose my license if I'd kept Roxy! If I'm honest, think I prefered my FN1 typeS, as a daily anyways. But loved them both, just something about the FN Civics. Even now I'm still looking at them on autotrader! Deffo get a new project thread going for the Fn mate, would love to see where you go with it!
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