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  1. Nah its a silenced one mate (pics are a bit of a give away lol) didnt want an unsilenced one as i knew it would be too loud, it wouldn't be too bad if it was quiet at low revs but its that droning noise that kind of stalls your hearing!
  2. Finally got my new exhaust on after waiting weeks for it, 2.5" id sportex center pipe with a Jperformance backbox again 2.5"id with a 3.5" tail pipe, Fair difference in size compared to standard Center pipe with backbox (excuse the mess in the garage need a sort out) Looks just the right size IMO, Just one problem...... Its far too loud! Or im gettin old lol Its just the same boomy tone throughout the rev range just doesn't change so i think im gonna stick the standard backbox back on, the center pipe has made a big difference in performance so thats staying on
  3. Thanks lads, yea well av bugeted 800-1000 for it and id do as much as i could tbh id even get the pain, but a Jackson charger looks more tempting!! 300 ponies FTW.
  4. Im thinking about freshening up my ep with a respray in the original colour, does anyone know what sort of money it will cost? If need be id flatten it all down ready to bring the cost down. Thanks in advance.
  5. Cheers for the comments guys, im wanting to get a set of meisters for her as ive read there pretty good and not too far from oem comfort, also they don't go stupid low either which is good. Got a couple of goodies in the post that are due this week Unfortunatly not a Jackson charger!
  6. on my computer the above post has gone horribly wrong..... all the pics are overlapping the writing but on my mob its fine Help
  7. i think im going to have to do somthing to get that EG to fail, stubborn little car! Anyway progress on the EP...... last sunday i had a 370 mile round trip near on Brum town to collect a pasenger door in NHB, facelift wing mirrors in silver GRRRRR and while i was there got X2 complete rear hub and trailing arms a rear bumper in NHB with lip and a scuttle pannel incase i go down the GRUPPE M Route, all for 130 quid!! used the works van so fuel was free, (teach them to pay me off!!) diddnt take pics of the mirrors or bumper ill be fitting the mirror tomorrow so get pics then. Now that my hire cars have gone it was time to crack on with getting the civic back on the road so started with the OSR suspension to get her moving again, i couldnt see exactly what was bent so thought id just swap the full corner, after i removed the suspension i checked the floor for damage, luckly it looks good that top hole looks elongated but its just the angle of the camera, after inspecting the OSR corner it looks like the trailing arm is bent the actual hub is twisted and the front Bush snapped. New one on and were good to go! now down to the body work! i hate body work never realy showed any interest in it as im more of a function over form person but something had to be done so here goes. drivers door dented and bent with the side skirt hanging off, not a single clip was broken on the side skirt so that popped straight back on and it turned out the door or pillar wasnt bent, but it was the wing pushed in! Happy days next up was the door (diddnt get any pics as it was late and i had the lal fella with me and he had school and it was 11pm by the time we got done we had to swap all the wireing in the door as they dont have a connector in the door to join it to the interior loom as the breaker had just chopped it anyway its done and on and 7.5 out of 10 for condition (bargin at 20 notes!) also fitted a new sideskirt i got off ebay for 30 pound posted! amongst all the CV grease all over the car was burnt on plastic from that stupid wenchs bumper G3 FTMFW! first time ive used it with its foam applicator pad, brill Highly recommended stuff!! then i was left with a set of duff wheels so a quick search on the net and i present to you my new....... ROTA ATTACKS. not everyones cup of tea but they look better on the car than they did in the add so im happy with them. and there Bloody light too! i picked up a machine polisher in aldi today to bought on a whim so i cut the car back tonight then polished it no pics as ive only just finished!!!!! but its done its job and no more swirls or holograms, bargin at 15 quid! so i just need to find a new wing now as its still battle scared for now but more than happy with the progress, and best of all this car owes me less that i paid for my MB 3 year ago!! including buying and repairing to now 1050! just a shame shes a cat C now but even so il NEVER loose money on it so il just keep it.
  8. for the over all cost of buying and fitting a H22 and the gains V Cash you could buy a B18c4 and boost it and have 2-3 times the power and still be more reliable. the H22 is an alright engine however they are prone to the woodruff key shearing in the crank, most do it every 60 odd ish K, it you catch it youl save your lump but its still a new crank, plus i think there quite highly strung as standard so youl be putting big coin in to get power! honestly B18c4 is the way forward, granted everyone does it but theres a good reason for it, my old B18 made 196.4 bhp with just a 4-1 mani derestricted airbox and a P72 ecu!!! for a fast road car knocking on the doors of 200bhp is plenty!
  9. id say he will be more than happy with the new maps! fill that EG with torque!!
  10. well im unsure what todo atm, if i leave it as it is i can rest alittle when i park in car parks but i like black cars to be mint so considering a respray but then my stress levels will go up as al be terrified in case some one marks it, im one for function over form so im going to get it measured on a jig just to be safe then we will go from there, tbh ill give her whatever she wants as the car only stands at 1k! that includes buying and fixing as i goot more than i payed for it!!! on a side note i should be getting (hopefully) an eg this year off an old boy at work when it fails its mot! been hoping the last 3 years still got my old MB engine box and hubs sat there itching to be fitted!!!!
  11. back on the road tonight!!!! still need a couple of bits IE a passenger side facelift wing preferably in black but its just about there, get my new wheels on tomoz so i will up loads some pics then. im going to have to keep the car now.. for a bit atleast so going to do a couple more bits and bobs to it as it owes me next to F all as it stands. pics to follow.
  12. Yup thats the one! The handle handbrake has been used for 100 years without fault, why change it!? I jus set off with it on and it pops off! CBA fafing about trying to switch it off! I hate the whole car i realy do not like it one bit! Its a 2.0 cdti and its dead! Everything feels soooo tacky. The lumber support button on the seat got stuck on and F me! I thought it was going to snap me in half.... Couldnt belive how far out it goes, its got stupid stop start too so everyone stares at you as if you have stalled it! And its not very good on fuel either for a derv!
  13. Tell me about it, well that might be it cos last friday i had to have a camera down my throat to scan my heart, and that was hurrendous! And yesterday my insurance took the bmw i had as a curtesy car and replaced it with a astra! And its horrible i realy hate it, so those two can add to the list!
  14. If it doesn't rain it pours! All plans on hold, found out yesterday that were getting made redundant as our boss has ran our devision into the ground and been turning work away as he doesn't like our site! Selfish twat! Find out on monday what there going to offer in terms of either money or working my notice, but been told that they will probs offer work down country which they know i dont want so i jack and they get away with out paying out my redundancy! C**ts trick! So now i need to get the CTR road legal again to use, as i will probs need my settlement money to fall back on if the .... Hits the fan.
  15. well i have got the car back now, minus the half a tank of fuel that was in it! and its tax disc! and some young knob as been having a good blat around the yard in it because the B pipe i borrowed off a mate that was new is scraped to death now! and my nice new front tyres no longer have there bobbles on! the drivers side door cars also has grubby oil marks on it! Thanks DA Autos! Anyway ive just recieved a new passenger side skirt, going to staffod on sunday with a bit of luck for some new doors in NHB too, im waiting on a new rear hub and trailing arm as this is what was bent floor looks straight as so thats good news. parts needed now are passenger wing (and rivers if in good nick) should get away with a quick paint on drivers a set of alloys not fussed about tyres. if anyone knows any one please pm me then a dam good mopping! vic check MOT - sorted! ForSale. then lies the biggest question......... What do i get next, ATM im after either an EK4 or an EM1 coupe preferably in black to go down the turbo route, cant chase figures in an EP3 unless you have had a lotto win! also looked at subarus etc but i think to myself if out goes wrong in there its going to be horrible!!!
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