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  1. another interesting link found on itr-dc2.com as center bores are important too for fitment...: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/a1autos/technical.htm#HOND Otherwise, anyone who have tried those volvo-rims in flesh to see if these fit correctly over our brakes and such? I find a lot of the them on my local french gumtree-like sites, looking at 15" like those... If you wanna see a MC2 with S13 ph 2 15' stock rims here you are (just to feed the thread):
  2. ok by bodybuilder he means he is working in a car body repair shop... but I suppose everyone here got the clue, just blame it on google translator
  3. you're still hard to hard to read lol! thx for the info, I gathered all bolts and nuts for this operation, coilovers are fitted now but before buying the ARB, I'll first adjust the coilovers a bit better to my guise...
  4. perfect answer! I'll see what this bar will do with the MeisterR coilovers then
  5. yep strange, that's why I came out my explanation, don't think it's a budget decision in that way... bonus question while we are at it: concerning the bracket holes in the chassis, are those tapped in OEM already or not? So just use the tap set to clean out the existing tap? Thanks for your input parkesie already!
  6. hello 'doctor', I see you are one of the few MC2 guys having fitted the ebay mgzs rear ARB, a mod a plan to do too. But that got me thinking again why HondaRover didn't put one on the MC2 as standard, compared to the MB6 who has one OEM... and I came up with this pausible (?) explication: Compared to a MB6, MC2s due to their their estate-design have more weight on the back, meaning you push it to the limits, it tends to oversteer more. They (HondaRover test crew) have maybe experienced too much oversteer with the ARB fitted and maybe they decided not to install it so as to keep the natural understeer feel of the FF-layout normal drivers are used to. "We know this will give a bad turn in, but with the Torsen-effect the better turn-out will wipe this disadvantage away..." could have been said... What is your opinion on this matter? What does the back-end do when you push the car a bit hard? Isn't it too lively now?
  7. can you post the result of the alignement, would like to see how your lowering affects camber and such...
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