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  1. scottravenhill

    MG ZS Spoiler

    Alright lads, yeah good thanks hope you are too. Still miss the MB6 now and again but at least I've got that iab noise back on my FN2 now that I've fitted an induction kit. Sounds like a monster!
  2. scottravenhill

    MG ZS Spoiler

    Hi guys, I haven't been here for a while, hope you're all good. Getting rid of a bit of stuff so thought I'd offer this here! Http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253026196931
  3. scottravenhill

    Scott's FN2 Type R

    Wheels went on and gave her a good polish n wax.
  4. scottravenhill

    Scott's FN2 Type R

    Alright Dave, yeah low miles, sometimes only did 2.5k a year. I've already clocked up over 1000 in her. Double din was a bit of a pain. I can't get the bottom of the fascia to clip In properly so it rattles a bit when driving. Been busy today....
  5. scottravenhill

    Scott's FN2 Type R

    No! Haha
  6. scottravenhill

    Scott's FN2 Type R

    Sorry no decent pics yet! I've managed to get the double din installed though! Clay barred on weekend but rained after so no polishing or wax yet.... just found out my wolfrace JDM wheels will fit, need to get the correct wheel nuts and they'll be going on. Can't wait!
  7. scottravenhill

    kinks EG project. B18 turbo

    Yeah I thought that, just need to see it so I can point and laugh. No, seriously. Let me know when you're at Dynodaze.
  8. scottravenhill

    Scott's FN2 Type R

    Nice place to be
  9. scottravenhill

    Scott's FN2 Type R

    Ohhh mate my favourite bit is the 'refrigerated glovebox' yes... it actually has an aircon vent in there. Must be a hand warmer for the bitch, or to keep my beer cold.
  10. scottravenhill

    kinks EG project. B18 turbo

    Need to see this car
  11. scottravenhill

    Scott's FN2 Type R

    Hi Guys, I'm back! This might not be a very busy thread but here is my new love. I haven't had a chance to give her a real clean up so here's a sneaky pic. (more rto come) being an '07' she's one of the first built, #818. But with only 61k miles on the clock she's a young'un in my eyes.
  12. scottravenhill

    Hello Old Friends!

    its Silver with the standard 18". cant imagine the ride would be too pleasant on 19's! Cheers Dr! I may start a build thread but not sure how much building there will be with this one. She's completely standard at the moment. However I have just had the fascia and wiring kit delivered to convert to double din
  13. scottravenhill

    Hello Old Friends!

    Hey Tom, Dave, Chandler! Hope you're all well! I'm picking her up tomorrow so I'll get some pics up. As far as I know she's completely standard!
  14. scottravenhill

    Re: Scotts Celica Gen 7 VVTL-I 190 NEW SHOES ON!!!!!!!

    Anyone wanna buy this?