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  1. A coffee I’d just got back from jap show at santapod lol
  2. shebabby

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Probably mate I would try to seal it off or even change it as it’s open to the elements
  3. shebabby

    Rear caliper bearings

    Happy days again mate lol
  4. shebabby

    Rear caliper bearings

    There easy enough to do your self if you have a mechanical understanding of some degree lol I finished mine last night and it only cost £40 to rebuild both rears and roughly about same again to do the front ones next. But if you’re not confident then I would suggest to have someone who is capable of doing the job as it’s safety over cost after all.
  5. shebabby

    Rear caliper bearings

    Still try to match measurements up first mate or it could be a waste of money.
  6. shebabby

    Rear caliper bearings

    Cheers mate. or the other way is to take the calliper to a bearing company near you to see if they have anything in stock
  7. shebabby

    Rear caliper bearings

    Take measurements and search ebay is your best bet but you may have to modify a little bit
  8. shebabby

    Rear caliper bearings

    Im doing mine at the moment lol could you not use a piece of brass plate and bend it around the pin to shape it. It’s not a proper fix but will last alot longer than plastic mate
  9. Cheers lads And the wheels are rota torque wheels andrew They are staggerd front are 7.5j and rear are 8.5j
  10. Lol Wheels made the car i think and the hard top
  11. Cheeres lads And once you buy one jon you will ask your self why you took so long lol