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  1. Hondamad1988


    That's the one Dave! First time I've done brakes hoses, after a while of wiggling and looking at it thinking wtf is this mysterious fixing. Went back out this morning when it was acceptable to make a bit of noise and gave it a little tap underneath, popped straight out. Managed to get front complete today, looking very smart with new mtec discs and fancy green Hel lines fitted. Took a couple of goes figuring out best orientation of the brackets as you drop from 4 bolts to 2, but plenty of clerence full lock both ways now. Just the rears to do and a full system re fill and blead and it should brake better than ever before.
  2. So, going for full MTEC brake change and fitting some HEL braided lines at the same time. Just gone to take the first front brake hose off. All gone smoothly, drained hose, all disconnected, removed the sliding metal clip for the top fixing where the hose connects to the brake line. AAAnnnndddd.......... What the chuff is still holding this onto the bracket? Ive unscrewed the brake line nut, removed clip on top, can't anything else that should come off or move, is it just the power of 20 years worth of corrosion holding it on? should it pull down through the little bracket? or it it part of the bracket?
  3. Hondamad1988

    Mb6 Front L Hub needed Gloucestershire

    Just went to change wheel bearing and the bearing shaft is heavily worn. Has anyone near glos got a front hub assembly?
  4. Hondamad1988

    Mb6 Front L Hub needed Gloucestershire

    Just went to change wheel bearing and the bearing shaft is heavily worn. Has anyone near glos got a front hub assembly?
  5. Hondamad1988

    Interior switches draining battery

    Thanks guys, all good pointers. I checked the relays in engine bay, all working fine. Although I could remove the relays and the lights for both the butttons stilled stayed on but there function didnt work. I looked around for other relays inside, and sprayed some WD in the ignition. At this point it was still doing the same thing, my mate arrived to take the car up to his garage to get his multi meter on it and test the battery discharge and other bits. He couldnt find a problem. He dropped the keys off, I took off the battery and charged it again, put it on in the morning, the cars been fine since. All lights turn off and blowers turn off aswell. My conclusion is the WD40 worked some magic in the ignition it just took a few trips to do it magic, or there is an intermitent relay somewhere getting stuck on. Looking at the wiring diagram in the manual the only other relay I can see it could be is apparently there is one behind the heater controls which the Manual calls the Starter Relay? But isnt clear if this is for the starter motor or the starter relay for that controll panel. Annoyingly, I cant test that theory untill it stops working again! :-/
  6. Hondamad1988

    Interior switches draining battery

    Hi All, The lights stay on the heated rear window button and the interior air circulation button, and you can also turn the blower fan on with the ignition/ engine turned off? This old battery first died from what I think was this issue last winter after stopping at a freinds for a few hours. That battery lasted ok from then till few weeks ago when is died twice in a day , replaced battery for new and all seemed fine, untill today. Hadnt been driven for a day or so, the lady got it jump started from a neighbour, went swimming then came back out to find it had died again. Looks like she made sure everything was turned off after get home as ive tested it this evening and started fine at 18.30 then again at 23.00pm no problem. Ive tightened the negative battery terminal as it was a tad loose, and checked any relevent fuses but cant see again that would cause this problem. Went the old battery died a few weeks ago I noticed the lights had been on, I jump started it, took it for a drive and went I stopped I could turn off the ignition and the lights where no longer on and all switched off fine. This evening however, ive been out once, and am also tresting it now and every time I turn off ignition I can can still operate the blower and the two lights mentioned above. Could this be an ignition switch problem? Or is there some cut of switch somewhere? I hate electrical faults....
  7. Hondamad1988

    decent MB6 rear calipers needed this week!!!

    cheers Krzys, looks like a decent site, was struggling online, luckily one of our local motor factors was a decent price should be here tomorrow
  8. Hi Guys, Looking for some replacement rear callipers as my rears and getting pretty bad now, anyone have some good condition fully working ones around? Based in gloucestershire, but should be easy to post, Details and prices collected and posted would be great
  9. Hondamad1988

    Tailgate spoiler

    Got a standard mb6 spoiler in need of a respray, will be heading up to Bolton around Christmas time which is closer to you, free if you want it
  10. Hondamad1988

    change springs/coilovers

    Think he gone 10 mm spacer to raise the fronts
  11. Hondamad1988

    Eibach 30mm Springs on New MGZS Shocks, Big Improvement!

    I bought a new set of MG zs rear shocks and springs of eBay last year for 100, a new set of front mgzs shocks off eBay for 100 and a set of eibach 30mm springs which where a couple of years old for a 100, so 300 in total, so it was a tough decision between this and Koni set up but I'd allready bought the rear shocks and eibach springs. Rimmerbros bros have the front shocks, I think the rear are out of stock on Rimmerbros tho?
  12. Hondamad1988

    Eibach 30mm Springs on New MGZS Shocks, Big Improvement!

    went to a different alignment place this time, and they havent listed caster, the space is there its just grey with no reading. I had it done a month ago with standard MGZS180 shocks and springs at a different place I think they listed caster, i can try i dig it out if it helps? annoying cant compare with eibach fitted tho! Can you buy caster adjustment kits?
  13. Hondamad1988

    Eibach 30mm Springs on New MGZS Shocks, Big Improvement!

    Cheers man, I read some of your previous posts which helped my decision. Ive allways avoided coilovers as I would spend the rest of my life adjusting the ride height thinking it could be better, Ill waiting till i can afford my own laser alignment ramp Might try adjusting chamber on rear in spring, and concentrate on tidying up body work and sorting exhaust for now. Only odd thing i noticed is the steerring rack almost feels like a longer rack at low speed, may also be that I just got used to the work van. Will post pics after we return from our Sherwood trip, cant be posting photos with the big nasty grey halfords roof box.
  14. Well after months of harassing you guys while I faff deciding what shock and springs combo to settle on, a nakard front shock forced my hand. We've ended up with brand new MG ZS 180 V6 shocks, and MB Eibach 30mm springs all round. Got the 4 wheel alignment done today, no chamber adjustment, so fronts are 1.78 degrees, and rears a little too far at 2.48 degrees. But i've got to say in comparision to the the mgzs springs it now feels so much nicer. The MG springs I found too harsh on the front as designed for the weight of the 2.5. Aswell as being harsh, the front sat too high, and the rear bounced around what seemed like too much. The car now feels smooth, but firm. I would almost describe it as feeling more natural. Haven't tested for a proper run round the country lanes as the family was on board, but feel much more planted and controlled. A little more twitchy hitting bump on the duelly and motorway but that is most likely the chamber settings. Some people mentioned them begin too harsh, I'm not sure if this was with these springs fitted to Koni shocks, as overall they seem alot smoother and less harsh than MGZS springs, while also feeling firmer on turn in. Currently avoiding pot holes like a hawk, but the odd harsher bump has maybe been a little harsher than before but not dramatically and the overall improvement in general driving they are definitely smoother overall. I will look into chamber adjustment for next summer. I read somewhere recently that up 2 degrees chamber is the optimum for handling, so now considering just getting the rear chamber matched to front, anyone got an opinion on this? Re ride height the front now just sits a little lower than rear as Honda originally intended