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  1. skitzma8

    My EK Sedan/Ferio turbo project

    Ok sounds good I will join up on there and get my old golf project going will be good to see everyone else’s projects too
  2. skitzma8

    My EK Sedan/Ferio turbo project

    I was sad to see the civic go but always wanted a mk1 golf cabrio so I decided to get that I might put a build thread up on that website as I have got a few things planned for it but nothing over the top lol just want to make it look clean.
  3. skitzma8

    My EK Sedan/Ferio turbo project

    Update on this civic she has now been sold someone offered me good money for her so thought it would be silly not to sell it I will miss the car but bought a very nice 1980 Mk1 golf GTI Cabriolet as a replacement I’ve always wanted a Mk1 as I grew up in one so have a soft spot for them.
  4. skitzma8

    My EK Sedan/Ferio turbo project

    I will have to top the coolant up as it’s basically empty now as most of it leaked out when over heated, I will give it a sniff test I’m hoping it’s not the head gasket
  5. skitzma8

    My EK Sedan/Ferio turbo project

    My civic is currently off the road for the time being as she has developed a problem I’m not going to give up on her though, she’s has started over heating after being running for a while and started to push coolant out of the expansion tank the car runs fine from cold for about 15 minutes then overheats mainly when I’m boosting, would anyone be able to give me any advice to what it could be? Car is running the standard skinny radiator but I don’t want to fork out for a 3 core rad if it’s not the cause of the problem, the car was running ok on the standard radiator for a while but the temp gauge did rise to about 3/4 every now and then and dropped to 1/2 after the fan kicked in, but now the problem is a lot worse. Any help would be appreciated as I need her fixed as soon as possible, thank you
  6. I don’t know if I’ve posted in the correct section, but I’m just seing if anyone has an MA8 in phantom grey for sale as I want another one it was my first civic and I’ve got an itch for another but unfortunately my one got written off I was well gutted. i would love to have another one but they are hard to find now..
  7. Sad to see that this deck has been sold seen it on face book with the new owner, how come you decided to sell up? Was a really nice car
  8. skitzma8

    My EK Sedan/Ferio turbo project

    Long time since I’ve been on here I still have my civic and spent more money on her including coil overs, new wheels, 3” exhaust system and quite a few other changes the red stickers on the bottom picture have been removed after the photo.
  9. skitzma8

    D15z turbo overheating after long drive

    Thanks for the info I will definitely buy a thicker core radiator then to keep her cooler, the fan does kick in when it starts to overheat, I will also get slim line radiator
  10. Hello looking for help as I’m currently having problems with my d series turbo over heating after been driving it for a few hours, the temp gauge goes up to 3/4 after a while, and coolant starts to boil abit in the expansion tank. Car is currently on the standard radiator but thinking to put a thicker core one in as the standard one is too thin in my opinion. Will doing this keep the temperature down? Help appreciated thanks.
  11. skitzma8

    Civic d series turbo engine misfire

    It’s making just under 240bhp with different gear box
  12. skitzma8

    Civic d series turbo engine misfire

    Thanks for the reply today on closer inspection the car is not misfiring it’s leaking exhaust gases around the manifold area, could possibly be a blown manifold gasket, a blown t3/t4 turbo flange gasket, or a crack in the manifold I can not see it being anything else it has to be one of these that’s the culprit I’ll have to pull it apart and see what’s happened as I pushed the car to 150+ mph when this happened (private road)
  13. skitzma8

    Civic d series turbo engine misfire

    Today my d series turbo d15z has stating misfiring at low rpm my water expansion bottle has overflowed and slightly leaked on to my air filter and it’s damp, would this be enough to go through my intercooler piping and intercooler and into the engine? To cause a misfire as it’s a long way for water to travel. Help is appreciated thanks
  14. skitzma8

    My EK Sedan/Ferio turbo project

    Got her up and running started first turn of the key, few things need adjusting like the wastegate and dump valve, but I'm happy with it need a p28 and map now, more to follow.