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  1. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    They are rare as hens teeth mate, and even if I do manage to find a pair of them I doubt they will be in good condition, so I’ll probably have to buy some mb6 fogs or try and find some fogs on eBay that look similar and custom fit them
  2. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    Thanks mate she looks like a sr now just need to find some front fog lights to complete the look, they will be very hard to find though.
  3. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    As seen in the above pictures I have now fitted my sr wheels and also fitted smoked side indicators that I had lying around from my old ma, she does look a lot better now
  4. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    alloys refurbed just need putting on now, there was a few marks that I couldn’t remove but it will do for now.
  5. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    I have decided on the route I’m going to go with the engine swap I’m going to go for a B20Z1 out of a Honda CR-V it has 147bhp standard and a decent bit of torque I’m going to leave it without vtec at first the add a vtec head later on down the line what would I need to carry out the engine swap I will be doing the work myself, I just want to know what I will need to get the engine running I’m my MA the B20Z1 engine doesn’t have vtec so should be a simple swap I think? Help appreciated with what I will need please.
  6. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    Alloys will be finished soon just waiting on better weather to paint the last 2 wheels, and I’m also thinking about doing an engine swap in the summer as the 90bhp 1.5 vtec e engine that’s in the ma, is gutless to say the least lol, my Mk1 golf cabrio is a lot quicker. Think I need some b series power!
  7. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    Good shout, i might go with the mg zs shocks and springs as I’m only looking for a slight drop in height and need to keep the car comfortable for my little one, only want it about 20-30mm lower
  8. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    I ordered the original 1996 Honda Civic MA dealers brochure it has now arrived and have enjoyed reading through it it tells you all the specs of every model that was offered, and gives you quite abit if information about the Civic MA, it even has an MA the same colour as mine on the front page as it’s the best colour
  9. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    I was going to go for springs for 30mm drop, I don’t want the car lowered too much, but looks like I’m going to have to spend abit more as I don’t want the ride to be harsh, hopefully I can find a good brand of coil overs in good condition second hand
  10. skitzma8

    My Civic MA9 Project

    Thanks the spoiler has made the MA look a lot better, I can’t wait to fit the rare mb1 sr alloys, will make my MA look like an sr then
  11. Thanks mate she is coming along slowly, I will always love the Civic M’s too, I have a soft spot for them, I have started a new thread instead of using this one to keep it more simple.
  12. Thnks bro we will get it looking nice going to be plenty of mods going on I have started a new project thread on here instead of using this thread