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    Hi I'm Lorenzo, I'm 18yo and my first car is a Honda Civic MB2, 90hp D14a8 model with AC (luckily). Got her for 1k euros and have lots of plans to make her better!

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    Genova Italy

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  1. I'm probably imagining things but after hearing it in every possible intake configuration I have, the questions start rolling. Any time I'm flat on the accelerator and cross the 4500/4600 rpm threshold, the sound very clearly changes tone, not in any way same as a real VTEC, but still in the same kind of sound. It also sounds funny and conspiracy-y because 4600rpm is where peak torque is produced on the D14a8 haha. Still, this is no way a serious post, more like a gimmick for fellow D14 owners to try and find it in their cars and confirm it, have fun lol
  2. Fenny

    All Clean!!

    Well... Got updates this week, damage is worth 1400 euros says the insurance, they agreed fault was 50 50 (which is absolutely not true but eh). So I get 700 euros from his insurance and managed to make a deal with a bodywork shop to fix all the existing issues and mount the spoiler for 700, excluding slightly hailed roof and hood. Feelin good :D
  3. Fenny

    All Clean!!

    I havent got any lip on yet, its basically bone stock rn. I also got a uhhh, new set of things that need repairing because of a stupid moped... Pray to god insurance pays for all the work :D Also Im always kinda mad the night kids sticker is a bit crooked lol
  4. Fenny

    All Clean!!

    It's a long road ahead now, gotta do so much stuff to her that I even forget haha. Not really visible in this pic but the bodywork is messed up in a lot of places. I will get that done, then install a new intake, new suspension, lips and spoiler on it. The wheels came from a Concerto and honestly I think they can work when I lower it! (Sticker looks tacky as hell on a stock car but im sure it will redeem itself)
  5. Fenny

    Mb6 Mid wing

    You mean the roof spoiler? If yes, then I am also interested in putting one on! I was also looking at EG coupes roof spoilers, in case the measurements are similar
  6. I was looking at my MB2 the other day when I noticed that half my bumper grille's are covered, of course this is on every MB2 at least but I didnt manage to find any reason as to why this is a thing. Anything I should know? Can I simply remove em or should I keep em on? Thanks in advance!
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