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  1. Dragonfly17

    Rattle noise when cornering

    Yeah I wondered if it was the rubbers on the exhaust hangers so something making it clang I’ve imported a video for you took the car at 30mph around a roundabout just kept going round so I could record the noise going over bumps 09FCF01A-FB60-4D7B-8173-5ABCEE076CA1.MOV
  2. Dragonfly17

    Rattle noise when cornering

    It sounds like it’s coming from passenger side rear end or middle of the car not too sure as I’m moving along it’s hard to gauge if the noise is traveling with it. certainly doesn’t sound like the noise is coming from the front area
  3. Dragonfly17

    Rattle noise when cornering

    Hey everyone, noticed the other day occasionally when going around roundabouts if you accelerate hard there is a rattle especially if the roundabout has a rough surface , best way I can describethe noise is it’s like a cadge door clanging or on cars with spare wheel underneath the car the metal holder not on properly and rattling when it’s loose, I’ve done the bounce test and suspension seems normal could it be an exhaust rubber hanger or is it likely to be suspension related?
  4. Dragonfly17

    Checking coolant

    Decided to check all fluid levels today and after a good long run left the engine to cool for a good 10 15 mins before the checks , when checking the coolant I looked at the expansion tank it sat between min and max so I didn't bother opening the tank cap, I then opened the radiator cap slowly I could hear slight air noise and a little fluid dribbled out , I slowly put the cap back on and tightened it slowly my question is would I have to bleed the system ? how likely is it That air will have got trapped ? I know your supposed to check coolant when cold and it's fairly easy to cause problems by air locks
  5. Dragonfly17

    Squeal on start up and at high revs

    Cheers for the advice I shall get all belts checked and tightened . I also found this on the plastic engine cover I'm not sure what it is
  6. Dragonfly17

    Squeal on start up and at high revs

    Hi I have recently had my cambelt / Spring and all 3 belts replaced on my 1.4 and a few weeks later have noticed a squeal on start up and you can hear it when at high revs in N . I have checked power steering fluid and it's on the minimum line so I will be toping this up before I use it again. What could the squealing be ? the cambelt was a Honda genuine part the others were from the garage who did the work
  7. Dragonfly17

    Front brake noise

    Steel Wheels not hot but wheel nuts were warm at front slightly warm at rear
  8. Dragonfly17

    Front brake noise

    I also have got the same braking noise , sometimes it's there sometimes it's not . Braked hard and in traffic you could hear it like metal squeak / whirring noise as the tyres went round 10 mins later disappeared , does it from cold sometimes too the braking performance is worse so I thought it was the pads do wheel nuts get warm when after a long drive as I've noticed it today is that a sight of a sticky calliper too
  9. Dragonfly17

    Honda Civic mb 1.4i S reverse inhibitor

    So I should be ok then? ,do they come with an inhibitor to lock out reverse ? I only gently moved it and pressed against reverse lightly I never fully engaged reverse and the clutch was still fully pressed when I did this . I don't seem to have any problems I tried reverse 3 or 4 times when I got back on the drive and it seemed fine .
  10. Dragonfly17

    Honda Civic mb 1.4i S reverse inhibitor

    Hi does my civic have a reverse inhibitor as I have been driving a 6 speed manual for awhile and moved the gear stick towards reverse thinking There was a 6th gear while moving , I never released the clutch but it made a slight crunch noise would I have damaged anything
  11. Dragonfly17

    Rattle from under bonnet

    Cheers for info , could it be injector noise or to do with cambelt or tensioner?
  12. Dragonfly17

    Rattle from under bonnet

    Hello guys , I noticed today as I put car in garage that I had a slight rattle sound from under the bonnet did sound like it was more passenger side / centre of the car it did not rattle every time I revved the engine but did make the sound 2-3 times. The car had been on a long motorway journey so was nice and warm , I have noticed rattle is more noticeable when cold too
  13. Dragonfly17

    Squeaky clutch

    When I press the clutch in to change gear it squeaks Any idea what it can be? Mostly happens when it's cold Thanks Claire
  14. Dragonfly17

    Oil leak drivers side

    Thanks for the reply , I will take some pics at dinner, I'll do my best to describe it . there is a wet patch underneath the drivers side wheel between the bottom arm and chassis , when I wiped it it looked more like old thick black oil residue or just grime , the oil that's on the floor is a Amber browny colour like engine oil and is very small about half the size as a 5p
  15. Dragonfly17

    Oil leak drivers side

    Hey I noticed as I got car out of garage that there was a spot of light brown oil on the right hand side of the floor, drivers side , sort of in between the suspension and engine any ideas ? It was only a small droplet .