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  1. Great build you have started. What steering wheel are you rocking? it looks mint on the car and how did you find the aerodeck seats, i really cant find them anywhere haha
  2. I picked up my mb4 a few months ago. I thought i would start a little thread where i post a few pics now and then.... The first few pics are from after coilovers and wheels. Unfortunatly my old phone died with the before pictures.. Currently i have installed coilovers, new set of wheels, custom "type r" grill and a few small things... Plans for next month is custom headlights (angel eyes & demon eyes) with app control if possible. Updates are gonna come when things are getting done slowly. If any questions, feel free to ask.
  3. Darius

    Ecu Fried?

    Hey, i recently tried to do a diy pop tune. Which should have worked by cutting the ignition by pressing a switch on a relay that i installed. It was connected to a cable in the engine bay which controlled the power for the ignition. I think i somehow ended up sending that signal to the wrong wire. Does anyone know if i fried my ecu or what else it could be? I have looked and the cable does not get any power now when turning on the ignition as usual. Current fix.... Ignition gets constant power via a switch, but i still wanna know how i can get a good fix soon :) Thanks in hindsight
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