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  1. Really nice post! Will use this in the future :)
  2. Havent got a lot of photos but a few stickers here and there, New colored lights in the dashboard and a sexy photo in the end;)
  3. Clips should be easy to find.... for very cheap look at aliexpress, shipping is long tho:/
  4. Thank you very much guys:) glad to hear you like it... Im gonna throw a few more pics in soon. Have gotten a few updates now.
  5. Darius

    Ecu Fried?

    I took a picture of where i cut it. Its currently connected with a plus cable... its the yellow and black wire. It gets power until that point or thats atleast what it looks like with the electrical reader.
  6. Great build you have started. What steering wheel are you rocking? it looks mint on the car and how did you find the aerodeck seats, i really cant find them anywhere haha
  7. I picked up my mb4 a few months ago. I thought i would start a little thread where i post a few pics now and then.... The first few pics are from after coilovers and wheels. Unfortunatly my old phone died with the before pictures.. Currently i have installed coilovers, new set of wheels, custom "type r" grill and a few small things... Plans for next month is custom headlights (angel eyes & demon eyes) with app control if possible. Updates are gonna come when things are getting done slowly. If any questions, feel free to ask.
  8. Darius

    Ecu Fried?

    Hey, i recently tried to do a diy pop tune. Which should have worked by cutting the ignition by pressing a switch on a relay that i installed. It was connected to a cable in the engine bay which controlled the power for the ignition. I think i somehow ended up sending that signal to the wrong wire. Does anyone know if i fried my ecu or what else it could be? I have looked and the cable does not get any power now when turning on the ignition as usual. Current fix.... Ignition gets constant power via a switch, but i still wanna know how i can get a good fix soon :) Thanks in hindsight
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